Joining the Flat Earth Society is simple and free.

Associate Members

Becoming an Associate Member is completely free. In order to become an Associate Member of the Society, simply send us a postcard (preferably from your home city/town) including the following information:

- Your location (city/state/country)

- Your name for our online membership records. Being listed in the membership records is purely an opt-in system, so you will not be listed unless it is specifically requested. Only your name, general location and membership number would be listed -- for instance, "0002 - John Smith, London, UK". If you do not wish to be listed or would prefer to be listed with only your last initial ("0002 - John S., London, UK") or email address/forum username, simply say so. Any requests for privacy will be respected completely.

- Your email address and/or Forums username (optional)

You will be emailed a membership confirmation along with a printable membership certificate.

Friend of the Flat Earth Society

To become a member and Friend of the Flat Earth Society, a donation of $12.00 is requested. By becoming a Friend of the Flat Earth Society, you will receive a membership card, a signed membership certificate and a hand-cast (by Daniel Shenton himself) pewter medallion which will be individually numbered with your unique Society membership number. These items will be sent to you by international air-mail. More than likely, I'll also include any little Flat Earth Society trinkets I have on hand at the time -- stickers, fridge magnets, postcards.. stuff like that. As with the Associate Membership, your name will be included with our online membership records only if you request it.

The pewter medallion features the modern logo of the Flat Earth Society. The membership certificate is based on the membership certificate from the Charles K. Johnson era of the Flat Earth Society. The paper stock is very slightly different, but otherwise it is nearly identical in terms of design and wording.

Update: Sorry, we're waiting for a replacement supply of pewter at the moment. Please check back in a few weeks and 'Friend of the Flat Earth' membership packs will be available again!

Disclaimer: The Flat Earth Society is strictly a not-for-profit organisation. Membership and merchandise are sold approximately at cost. Any incidental profits will be used to pay for the site's bandwidth and other minor expenses. The remainder of any income generated by the Society will go to The Flat Earth Foundation, the charitable wing of The Flat Earth Society, which will donate the remaining funds to selected animal welfare charities. This is in line with the long-standing tradition of animal welfare and anti-vivisectionist ideals within the Flat Earth movement from prominent Flat Earth advocates such as Lady Blount and Marjory Johnson.