people are still pushing this nonsense?

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people are still pushing this nonsense?
« on: February 17, 2007, 11:25:21 PM »
I heard about The Flat Earth Society many years ago, and given the wealth of evidence (serious research began thousands of years ago) supporting the notion of the earth being an oblate spheroid i assumed it disappeared

I see no point in posting links or references beyond pointing you at the nearest 7th grade science textbook and wishing you luck ... after all, why bother with facts when you have beliefs?

I am going to give my own testimony however:

1) I have noticed it's day in one area of the world, while being night on the other ... the notion of a flat earth is incompatible with this observation. I achieved this observation with travel, and when i phone friends at home it is indeed a different time of day for them. And not only that ... the stars, sun and moon are in positions which differ in ways which can only be explained by a round earth.

2) I have observed lunar eclipses on various occasions with my telescopes, and the shadow cast on the moon is consistent ... the notion of a flat earth is incompatible with this observation since the earth, moon and sun are necessarily at differing positions on each event, a flat earth would give noticeably different shadows.

3) With the same telescopes, I've observed the other planets in our solar system. I've watched jupiter rotate, seen many of its moons transit the surface and noted the subsequent shadows. Ive also observed mars rotate ... why believe just the earth is flat when every other observable phenomena is most definitely not flat?

I've read the FAQ ... and saying governments, NASA, and every reputable scientist in the world are in on a conspiracy requires proof.

Please examine my statement again so you notice the necessary word: PROOF.

Not guesses, not ad hoc bandaids slapped on gaping holes in logic, not ad hominem conspiracy accusations ... you indeed need to prove what you say at some point if you want to be taken as more than a nut-case! I'm not being dismissive in saying this, in fact I'm probably taking your claims more seriously than you yourself are.



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people are still pushing this nonsense?
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2007, 12:54:14 AM »
All of your points are answered in the FAQ. Search it for relevant keywords (eclipses, etc)