Chemistry Questions

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Chemistry Questions
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Hi you guys seem to be a rather intelligent community concerning science, and perhaps you can help me with some questions concerning gas laws and stoichiometry.

2. A gas consisting of only carbon and hydrogen has an empirical forumula of HC2. The gas has a density of 1.65g/L at 22 degrees Celsius and 734 Torr. Determine the molar mass and molecular formula of the gas.
3. Silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4) and trichlorosilane (SiHCL3) are both starting materials for the production of electronics-grade silicon. Calculate the densities of pure SiCL4 and pure SiHCl3 vapor at 85 Celsius and 758 torr.
4. In the reaction, N2(gas) + 3H2(gas) ~> 2NH3 (gas), how many mL's of N2, measured at STP, are required to produce 400 mL of NH3, measured at STP? How many mL's of H2 at STP are required.
5. Nitric acid is produced by dissolving NO2 in water according to the equation 3NO2(gas) + H2O(liquid) ~> 2HNO3(liquid) + NO(gas) how many mL of NO2 at 25 Celsius and 770 torr are required to produce 10,.0g of HNO3?
6. Calculate the maximum number of mL of CO2, at 770 torr and 28 Celsius, that could be produced by reacting 500 mL of CO, at 760 torr and 15 Celsius, with 500 mL of O2 at 770 torr and 0 Celsius.
7. An important reaction in the production of nitrogen fertilizers is the oxidation of ammonia, 4NH3 (gas) + 5O2(gas) ~> (at 500 Celsius) 4NO(gas) + 6H2O(gas) How many liters of O2, measured at 25 Celsius and .895 atm ,must be used to produce 100 P of NO at 500 Celsius and 750 torr?

it would great if you can help me out, thanks.