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Kozyrev Mirror
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Kozyrev mirror

A mirror mechanism that is thought to allow the past and future to be experienced simultaneously by bending time and other variables. According to Kozynev, the best material to use in this regard is aluminum.

Humans, placed into the spirals, allegedly experienced anomalous psycho-physical sensations. Kozyrev mirrors were shown in a documentary on the Russian state TV channel. And articles about them were published in tabloid newspapers in Russia and Ukraine. But not in scientific journals. There is a claim that during one of early experiments in the Arctic village of Dikson, scientists placed an ancient symbol of Trinity into a mirror installation and perceived a field of force around the setup. The experiment was led by Vlail Kaznacheev, of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.

Kozyrev suggests that with this mechanism, the past, present and future can be experienced simultaneously. While some subjects had experiences like this, some subjects claimed to have had higher experiences spiritually.

Why Haven't We Heard About This Study Before?

The globalist gang that holds power in the world is trying to enslave people, not to liberate them. You haven't heard of these and similar efforts to raise self-awareness because they are censored in the media. After the collapse of Russia, many documents were spread all over the world, legally or illegally, and this study is one of them. There are also references to these studies in parts of the CIA's studies disclosed to the media. Therefore, you have indirectly heard right now about this study.

You can also share your experiences with us by setting up a similar mechanism.
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