Rasing awareness about BSE mad cow disease.

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Re: Rasing awareness about BSE mad cow disease.
« Reply #30 on: February 10, 2022, 01:16:54 AM »
Found an article that said covid (or was it covid vaccine?) could produce a prion though smaller in size...only 3 somethings long instead of 8 or 12 ..?

I think it's pretty important to make an actual distinction between the covid virus and the covid vaccine. Don't you?

If you "found an article", present what was actually in the article you found. Don't just make shit up. What's the point of that?

Instead of constantly saying things like, "...I think I read somewhere something about something..." how about doing the proper leg work first? Go back, find the article and see what it specifically says rather than just relying on your fuzzy memory before you make a post. You're not adding anything to the conversation with all of your half-assed vagaries. Why do you think people think you're a troll? Because you always avoid specifics.
thinik it is a lead that would be pretty easy to investigate, but not widely talked about.

A lead to what? A lead to covid produces a prion of a size? Oh, no wait, a lead to the vaccine produces a prion of a size...not covid. You're not even sure if it's the virus or the vaccine you read something about, somewhere. You're talking about something that produces a prion of a size (so what?) and you don't even know where it's coming from and you have no clue where you obtained whatever useless information this is, let alone why it's a "lead" to something.
Could you be more vague, obtuse, and all over the place?