Is putting a curfew on men a good idea?

Yes! They should just be thankful we aren't calling to #killallmen!
Yes, but just on ones with prior criminal convictions
Maybe trial it and see what it does
No, it wont stop the creeps anyway
No! men are good. We need them to be a part of the solution, not told they are the problem

Curfew on men!

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Re: Curfew on men!
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What I want, is that every time the police feel the need to tell women to stay home
I totally get what you're saying and how infuriating it must be, but to be fair to the police they aren't politicians or sociologists or whatever.  They can only give practical advice from their point of view.  If there is a danger then they advise people (women in this case) to avoid it until the danger is passed.

Maybe they shouldn't say anything at all in terms of advice.   Which would be my preference - especially as the advice is so useless and impractical. Though I guess if they did this and something happened then everyone would be screaming "Why didn't you say something?!?"  at them.

What do you think they should say or do in these circumstances?

Not sure what would be best for them to say, beyond saying that they are searching for a killer/rapist/etc. in such and such an area. But certainly telling women to stay home is not what they should be saying.
Fair enough.  I suspect we will see a change in comms policy over here after this.
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