Arianespace Vega launch failure

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Arianespace Vega launch failure
« on: November 17, 2020, 05:38:34 PM »

Sad to see those satellites get blowed up, but I had to shake my head at this part.

Engineers concluded that cables leading to thrust vector control actuators on the upper stage were inverted, apparently a mistake from the assembly of the upper stage engine, according to Roland Lagier, Arianespace’s chief technical officer.

The cabling problem caused the engine to move its nozzle in the wrong direction in response to commands from the rocket’s guidance system.

Lagier characterized the inverted cables as a “human error,” and not a design problem.

Using a non-keyed connector in something as important as the signals to control motors in a rocket is absolutely a design problem.

Human error caused it, but the design allowed that mistake to be made in the first place. Doh.