What is this board for?

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What is this board for?
« on: April 22, 2010, 05:06:23 PM »
The Suggestions and Concerns board is a place where you can make  raise any difficulties or concerns you are facing. By difficulties or concerns, we mean issues with your profile, issues with other users, disputes over moderation, or any other kind of complaint, grievance or problem you may have.

Suggestions about the features, layout and technology of the site and forum, or other issues that require technical attention should be placed in the technical forum.

To make a suggestion or complaint, simply create a new topic and outline your idea or problem. Try and provide as much information as possible, as if you have a suggestion, doing so will allow us to properly consider it, and if you have a problem, more information will make it easier to solve. If your suggestion or concern is technology or support related, direct it to the appropriate subforum.

Please remember that this board is for genuine suggestions, problems and complaints. Accordingly, you are expected to conduct yourself properly here - in other words, post in a serious manner or not at all. At the same time, we very much encourage you to post any genuine suggestions or issues you may have. You guys will see and experience things differently to the staff, so getting your perspective on things really will help us to continually improve the forum and the way it is run. Your views are welcomed, and we will always listen with an open mind.

As always, the Forum Rules apply.
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