Flat Earth Concept of the Islam

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Flat Earth Concept of the Islam
« on: August 10, 2020, 05:30:38 AM »
In general, the Islamic religion has affirmed the fact that the earth is flat.

There are 4 basic sources of information in Islamic terminalogy. These sources are:

1- Verses
2- Sunnah (What the Prophet did or said)
3- icma (merging): It is the agreement of known islam scholars on a subject.
4- kiyas: (compare) : Solving a previously unresolved problem by likening it to similar problems that have already been solved.

As we see here, there is no source as "Al Biruni" said so or "Copernicus" did so.

Problem solving always goes from top to bottom. In other words, the first source for the solution of the problem is the number 1 on the above line, the verses of the Quran.


Lets examine the verses:

“Is it you whose creation is more prodigious or the sky which He has built?(27) He raised its vault, and fashioned it (28) And darkened its night, and brought forth its day (29) And after that He spread out the earth (30) And brought forth from it its water and pastures (31) And set firm the mountains (32) As a [place of] sustenance for you and your livestock (33)” (Surah An-Nazi‟at verse 27-33)

1) 84: 3 And when the earth has been extended

It is used to mean the extension of something that already exists.

2) 88:20 And at the earth - how it is spread out?

This time, we see that spread out is used instead of extended. Actually both describe a process. In other words, it is clearly explained that the ground surface is extended by spreading out. It is the same.

In this regard, many interpreters use the phrase "spheroid was made by rounding". However, there is no mention of such a thing in the verse. If this were meant to be expressed, an expression such as "rounded on itself" would be used. It is clearly understood to be "spread and extended". May Allah curse them, may their tongues dry, how do they lie by changing the words of God?

3) And the earth We have spread out, and excellent is the preparer. (51:48)

It is not needed even to comment. Anyone without an intelligence problem can easily understand the expression. It is made by spread out.

4) And the earth have We spread out, and set therein firm mountains and caused everything to grow therein in proper proportion. (15:19)

Not only how the flat earth was created is described here, but mountains also took their place during creation. First spread out, then the mountains were placed. Look how things perfectly fits and compatible. Not any contradiction if we get it as flat and created with spread out.

5) And the earth — We have spread it out, and placed therein firm mountains; and We have made to grow therein every kind of beautiful species, (50:7)

The creation sequence above is supported. First the earth spread out, then firm mountains made, and then beatiful species grown.

All fits.

6) And by the earth and its spreading out,


7) And He it is Who spread out the earth and made therein mountains and rivers. And fruits of every kind He made therein in two sexes. He causes the night to cover the day. Therein, verily, are Signs for a people who reflect.

Here, unlike the above verse, we see that the concept of river is added to the mountains. We also see that instead of species, plants of two genera are added.

I'm not sure if they knew that the fruits had male sex and female sex at that time. That is, if pollination and other information is not that old, it is one of the miracles of this verse and this increases the accuracy of this verse.

8 ) And carpets tastefully spread. (88:16)

The reason I wrote this verse is to see how the verb spread out is used. However, it does not write "apple spread out", "spread out ball" anywhere. but by writing "carpet spread out", the meaning of the verb spread out is explained within the quran itself.

The verb Spread out is used for objects like carpet!

9) And He it is Who sends down rain after they have despaired, and spreads out His mercy. And He is the Protector, the Praiseworthy.

This verse also helps us to understand the verb "spread out". mercy spreads around. It does not turn around your and draw a sphere and return to you.

10) And the earth, along with it, He spread forth. (79:30)

Allah himself explains what we explain. This time, we see that she takes the "spread" verb she uses even further and strengthens it as "spread forth". In other words, he foresaw the liars who say "return is meant" and he explained it clearly for everyone to understand by saying "spread forward" in the sense of forward. There is no further explanation can be than this.

All sane people can understand what he meant.

He used "spread out". Actually it means spread and through out. It is actually clear what he meant. But he has strengthen that reality by telling "spread forth" this time.

11) And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and of whatever living creatures He has spread forth in both. And He has the power to gather them together when He pleases. (42:29)

Here, we see that the concept of spread forth is explained with another example. In all of the above verses, the concepts of "spread out, spread forth, extended" are used for the earth and the meaning in all of them is logical when we think of the flat earth in harmony with each other.

Result: According to Quran; the earth was created flat forward / outward, spread out / expanded.

This is compatible with a flat earth model.


1) The earth is flat because otherwise the Quran is wrong.
2) Those who say the earth is not flat are no more than fools who are deceived by TV commercials, or traitors who sell their religion for money.

2- Sunnah (What the Prophet did or said)

Although there is no exact statement regarding the shape of the world, the statement "the earth has four corners" indicates that the earth may be flat. Of course, this is also possible in the case of a triangular prism.

We cannot make a decision by looking at the Sunnah evidence.

3) icma (merging)

Islamic scholars do not agree on this issue. Some say that the earth is flat and those who claim otherwise are infidels, while others say that there are scientific signs that the earth is a sphere, that NASA and televisions should be believed, and those who reject this are bigots.

We cannot make a decision by looking at the icma evidence.

4- kiyas: (compare)

There is no judicial decision, prophet decree or similar decision on this matter. Therefore, the argument for comparison is not valid in this regard.

We cannot make a decision by looking at the kiyas evidence.

As a result, we have to consider the expressions in the Koran, which we first looked at and was the only true source:

The earth is flat, it has been expanded, and spread out, and spread forth, and spread forward, and those who claim otherwise become infidels because they deny the Quran.
Everyone sees it in clear weather. The important thing is to be able to see in foggy day.

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