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Then how come you have FErs thinking FAQ has flaws? that doesn't actually make it 'the starting point of FE'

Because, surprisingly, we don't all have the exact same opinions - just like any other group of people.  Who would have thought it, FEers behave just like other groups of people.  Bizarre but true.

post please on flat earthers and conspiracy. i'd like to see 3 out of 3 different oppinions.

How come RErs all think the same about earth? how come your group of people has different oppinions about the same thing. doesn't it occur to you there might be a mistake?

In fact, if you hang around this forum, you will see that REers do not think alike at all.  Some, like Albert Einstein, think that it would perfectly possible for an object to constantly accelerate forever.  Others, like many of the people who post on this forum disagree.  Some of the REers think that gravity is caused by the same force that attracts water molecules to each other, or connects iron atoms to each other.  Again, many other REers think this is false.  It is clear, in fact, that the REers on this forum also have very differing levels of belief.

I don't understand what you comment means about wanting to see 3 out of 3 different "oppinions [sic]."  I did not say that we all had completely different opinions, just that we don't all have the same opinions.  If my statement were false it would mean that we all think the exact same thing.  If one of us did not, and the rest of the flat Earthers all thought the same thing then I would be right.  I am sure this kind of reasoning is a little hard for you to follow, and is probably making your brain hurt.  Don't worry, when you're older, and if you stay in school, you'll understand what I'm talking about.