Internet ping times verifies Flat Earth Map, denies globalist hoax

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Nowadays, internet networks have spread all over the world and there is a direct relationship between internet ping times and distances. Based on this data, we can compare two maps.
we will note the internet ping times for some specific cities and see if they are more compatible with global or flat earthmaps.
as a global map data, website, and we will use wise's numerical flat world map as flat earth data.
Yes, let's get started if we ready.

we will use the following method. first we will consider the official page of one of the largest company in a country. we will see where this page is located from whois record. then we will note the ping times sent here from different cities. I want to start with the most controversial issue.

Chile. I took the biggest web hosting company list from here: The first web hosting company in the list is: It is located at Santiago , METROPOLITANA 8581122. This is exactly the city we everytime discuss.

The results of ping times, I've shortified them from shortest to longest times

First Round: Santiago, Chile

Location   IP   Requests   Min   Max   Avg   Std Dev   Loss
Toronto   3   142.4 ms   142.4 ms   142.4 ms   0 ms   66%
Paris   3   201 ms   201 ms   201 ms   0 ms   66%
London   3   200.5 ms   200.5 ms   200.5 ms   0 ms   66%
Amsterdam   3   206.8 ms   206.8 ms   206.8 ms   0 ms   66%
Frankfurt   3   209.6 ms   209.7 ms   209.7 ms   0 ms   0%
Singapore   3   332 ms   332 ms   332 ms   0 ms   66%
Sydney   3   336.1 ms   336.3 ms   336.2 ms   0.1 ms   33%

Source of results shown here:

As we see that, the closest city in this group is Toronto, and the furthest city is Sydney to the Santiago, Chile. results, distances to Santiago Chile (kms).

Toronto   8,619.14 (4)
Paris   7.242 (1)
London   7.256 (2)
Amsterdam   7.467 (3)
Frankfurt   7.528 (N/A)
Singapore   16.415 (6)
Sydney   11.350 (5)

there are 2 incompatibilities in the list. With the shortest ping time, Toronto is the fifth closest city on the globalist map. Although the city with the longest ping time is Sydney, it appears to be much closer on the globalist map.

Flat earth map results, distances to Santiago, Chile.
Toronto   8.978 (1)
Paris   12.491 (4)
London   12.030 (2)
Amsterdam   12.369 (3)
Frankfurt   N/A
Singapore   21.177 (5)
Sydney   22.454 (6)

source of wise's flat map data:

this list is consistent with the ping times in terms of the farthest and closest cities. There are some small changes between European cities those in close proximity.

In the first study, we see that Toronto is the closest city to the city of santiago according to the flat world map and this situation is compatible with the ping times. whereas on the globalist map European cities are shown closer. the city of sydney is also the farthest from the flat world map, and although this situation is consistent with the ping times, the globalist map makes it much closer. As we will see from the ping times, the city of Singapore is closer to the city of Santiago, not far away.

First round:

wise's flat map : 1-0 globalist so called map

Second round: South Africa

I want to continue one of the cities in the center of the discussings; Johannesburg South Africa.

First I look at hosting web sites in Johannesburg. I found this page from one of the google results:

This website is located in Cape town, South Africa. It is close to Johannesburg and we can get it.

Ping times of cities to Cape Town:


I've eliminated some cities similar. I took one from Europe, one from West one from East of USA to simplify the list and others are remained on the chart. I've listed them from shortest to longest ping times as follow:

Location   IP   Requests   Min   Max   Avg   Std Dev   Loss
Paris   3   194.8 ms   195 ms   194.9 ms   0.5 ms   0%
New York   3   258.2 ms   259 ms   258.6 ms   0.3 ms   0%
Toronto   3   273.4 ms   274.3 ms   273.7 ms   0.7 ms   0%
Bangalore   3   320 ms   320.9 ms   320.4 ms   0.6 ms   0%
San Francisco   3   328.9 ms   329.6 ms   329.2 ms   0.3 ms   0%
Singapore   3   338.1 ms   338.6 ms   338.3 ms   0.2 ms   0%
Tokyo   3   405.6 ms   412.8 ms   408.9 ms   2.9 ms   0%
Sydney   3   467.7 ms   467.8 ms   467.8 ms   0 ms   0%

According to ping times; Paris is the nearest city to Cape Town, and Sydney one more time the furthest city.

Lets look the distances on globe map.

Distances from Cape Town to cities below on the globalist map:

Distances to Cape Town, ZA.

Paris   9.345 (2)
New York   12.787 (5)
Toronto   13.110 (6)
Bangalore   8.142 (1)
San Francisco   16.490 (8)
Singapore   9.669 (3)
Tokyo   14.736 (7)
Sydney   11.006 (4)

It takes our attention that ping times are completely incompatible with the globalist map. Although bangalore is the fourth city in terms of ping times, it is the closest city on the map, and Sydney has the longest ping time, even though it has a middle row distance on the map.

Lets Look at Flat Eath Map with an Expectation rally us.

Distances to Johannesburg

Paris   9.105 (2)
New York   14.378 (5)
Toronto   14.091 (4)
Bangalore   8.056 (1)
San Francisco   16.776 (LA, instead) (7)
Singapore   12.023 (3)
Tokyo   14.451 (6)
Sydney   17.357 (8)

Source of flat earth map:

here we see that distances are incompatible too. however, this map has been estimated towards at least the farthest city of sydney.

Map contest round 2. Globalist map was completely irrelevant and wise's flat earth map has estimated the furthest city true.

wise's flat map : 2-0 globalist so called map

This time I want to get a place directly close to Australia. Thus, we had examined one city from three southern semi-circles. this is also the region where we live problem.

I've chosed Perth, westmost big city in Australia.

Third round: Perth, Australia

Chosed web hosting company: hostus web page:

Ping results:

Location   IP   Requests   Min   Max   Avg   Std Dev   Loss
Sydney   3   14.2 ms   15 ms   14.5 ms   0.3 ms   0%
Singapore   3   84.5 ms   85 ms   84.7 ms   0.2 ms   0%
Tokyo   3   127.4 ms   132.4 ms   129.1 ms   2.3 ms   0%
New York   3   212.1 ms   212.9 ms   212.4 ms   0.4 ms   0%
London   3   266.5 ms   267 ms   266.8 ms   0.6 ms   0%
Bangalore   3   288.7 ms   296.6 ms   291.6 ms   3.6 ms   0%
Frankfurt   3   316.5 ms   316.6 ms   316.5 ms   0.7 ms   0%

As image:

Distances to Perth, according to global map:

Sydney   3.288 (1)
Singapore   3.918 (2)
Tokyo   7.923 (4)
New York   18.938 (7)
London   14.483 (6)
Bangalore   6.447 (3)
Frankfurt   13.852 (5)

The globalist map has correctly known the first two cities, but it is incompatible with the ping times of the remaining cities.

lets look the other one, ie the flat earth one.

Sydney   3.047 (1)
Singapore   3.647 (2)
Tokyo   6.788 (3)
New York   15.504 (6)
London   14.571 (5)
Bangalore   7.715 (4)
Frankfurt   N/A

In this map, the first 3 cities overlap correctly, the remaining 3 cities show discordance. as a result, the flat earth map has been more successful than the global map by accurately predicting 3 cities.

Round 3 result:

wise's flat map : 3-0 globalist so called map

This time I want to choose a city from the center of the map. I want to choose Moscow, one of the capitals closest to the center of the world.

Fourth round: St. Petersburg, Russia

chosed web hosting page:

Site located at Shcheglovo, RU. This city is close to the St. Petersburg bur far to Moscow. Hence I'll use St. Petersburg instead of Moscow.

test results

I've eliminated the Bangalore because it constantly provides irrevelant results with both map, it perhaps as another server problem. Maybe server is down or something else. I've chosed these cities and lined them as follow.

Location   IP   Requests   Min   Max   Avg   Std Dev   Loss

London   3   50.6 ms   51.9 ms   51.1 ms   0.6 ms   0%
New York   3   113.1 ms   114.1 ms   113.5 ms   0.5 ms   0%
San Francisco   3   179.9 ms   180.4 ms   180.1 ms   0.5 ms   0%
Tokyo   3   288.3 ms   289.4 ms   288.9 ms   0.4 ms   0%
Sydney   3   335.3 ms   336.1 ms   335.7 ms   0.6 ms   0%

Globalist map results. Distances to St Petersburg:

London   2.099 (1)
New York   6.744 (2)
San Francisco   8.868 (4)
Tokyo   7.595 (3)
Sydney   14.914 (5)

the results are generally consistent. we see that only two cities have been mis estimated by the globalist map.

Flat Earth Map results. Distances to St Petersburg:

London   2.021 (1)
New York   4.845 (2)
San Francisco   6.989 (3)
Tokyo   7.340 (4)
Sydney   12.779 (5)


We see all results are perfectly overlapped with ping times.

Result of contest:

wise's flat map : 4-0 globalist so called map

We have studied three cities in south and one city from center of the earth. and we have seen that the flat world map gives much more consistent results with the facts. There is no doubt that the world is flat and globalism is a deception and a lie. God damn them, how can they lie!

Only God can judge me; and I am only sure of others.

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