Difficult to Grasp.

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Re: Difficult to Grasp.
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Again, here we are with this rotating globe model requiring a mountain of magical mysteries in order to work.  The magical mysteries are yours, through and through. I have gobs of empirical data to support the 'magical' globe model. You have none to support your model, literally zero, to support your absolutely Copperfield model of:

Essentially, at the very centre of the world is a graphite electrode rapidly ascending and descending, beneath a layer of crystal. This crystal too ascends and descends, altering the inclination of the reflected stars, Sun and moon and thus being responsible for seasons.
The point where the Sun shines on the dome is heated up. With this extra warmth, the dome evaporates, rising up; then, when the Sun moves on, it cools down and refreezes again. In this way the dome can be said to ‘breathe,’ the roof going up and down.

If that's not 'magical', I don't know what is. When you have some evidence that your 'magic' actually exists, let us know. In the mean time the 'magic' is by far and away all yours.
A ball or oblate spheroid angled at 23.5 degrees and somehow spinning at over 1000 mph in a vacuum and also at 66,000 mph around a big 850,000 mile diameter ball of nuclear fusion in a somehow elliptical orbit, with all kinds of gravity (so called) pulls in a thing called a milky way that holds whatever we're told it holds....and so on and so on and so on. All things which get more magical and unprovable, right back to us being on this supposed oblate spheroid with many many more magical reasons as to why we are.

What a complete and utter load of gunk.
Absolutely any explanation beats that load of hogwash.

Do you have a better idea?
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