cancer again

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cancer again
« on: January 23, 2007, 03:14:26 AM »
"cancer" does not exist. it is a conspiracy.

the government will infect people it doesnt like with a "cancer" as well as an amnesia drug, when they find out something that the government doesnt want them to know. it slowly kills them.

anyone you know with cancer, or who has died from it, are victims of the government's conspiracy. they do not have a tumour, they have been infected by government agents. if they say this is untrue, it is either because of the amnesia drug, or because they are lying to you.

someone will probably close this thread saying i am offensive and insensitive. but that is just because they are part of the conspiracy too. closing this thread will only prove me right. i seriously, genuinely, solelmly believe this. i swear on my life.
there is no difference in logic between this and flat-earth logic and arguments.
FEers, please explain why you disagree with this and agree with FE.



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cancer again
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How many time have you done this now?

Oh, that's right, more than once.

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