Time Zones Don't Exist (globe time system is messed up)

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Re: Time Zones Don't Exist (globe time system is messed up)
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Am I missing something?
It isn't about the equinox directly, it is about local time vs solar time.
A simple part of that to focus on is solar noon.
If the time zones matched perfectly (which is impossible, except for specific locations at specific times)), then solar noon would occur at noon, or if you don't have that data, then sunrise would be x hours before noon and sunset would be that same x hours after noon.
But for Copenhagen, sunrise is roughly 7 am, 5 hours before noon, while sunset is 7 pm, roughly 7 hours after noon. Solar noon is at roughly 1 pm.

The local time, based upon the time zone, is 1 hour ahead of solar time.
That is what he is complaining about.
However, this is to be expected, considering they have daylight savings time, which puts the clocks 1 hour ahead.

Ok, got it, thanks, so Danang thinks noon local time should equal local solar noon for anywhere across an entire time zone. Wow that's a strange idea.

To be fair, time zones have changed in the past, at least in Europe I know. In The Netherlands, which is easiest for me to use as an example, time differentiated between cities up until 1909, indeed depending on solar noon at exactly 12:00. Between 1909 and 1937, a national time zone was created, Amsterdam Time UTC + 19m and 32,13 seconds. In 1937 this was changed to +20 minutes and in 1940, after the German invasion, it was changed to the time we currently have as UTC +1 (which was also Berlin Time but is now known as CET).


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Re: Time Zones Don't Exist (globe time system is messed up)
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After reading three lengthy descriptions of timezones by ge'rs ive mostly lost motivation to keep reading what would have otherwise been an interesting thread. Thanx spam artists.
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