HAPPY HOAX ANNIVERSARY!!! (Rockets can't fly in a vacuum)

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Re: HAPPY HOAX ANNIVERSARY!!! (Rockets can't fly in a vacuum)
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Scepti. What I said previously. How is it possible that a firework rocket can fly if you say that the air will be 'super compressed' by the exhaust. This little firework rocket is not capable to do this, yet it will fly. Please explain how this is possible with your 'theory'.
Of course it's capable of doing it. What do you think that fire is doing coming out the arse end of it?
It's expanding into the atmosphere and compressing it and the atmosphere is crushing rights back, creating  a platform against the thrust and following it for as long as that thrust is capable.
Interesting. This is a bit different from your previous stance on the subject. However, I disagree and my reasoning is presented in the video below.

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