How cloud rotate with the same phase as earth surface

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Re: How cloud rotate with the same phase as earth surface
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Water rotates in one direction because earths magnetism, right hand twist. Its impossible to duplicate using a ball shaped magnet, only a flat magnet with inner and outer magnets exactly how the flat earth model is mapped out.

The video shows a perpetual motion machine, this is not possible.
You have two wires going off to the unknown, and anything can be done there, making the video in valid.
Talk about lies and deception.
Let's see what is behind the curtain, or what is to the right, and the full circuit.
Or just remove the wires and see what happens.
OK I went to the video and got this: The what is behind the curtain.
In this experiment the mercury is placed inside a wooden disc and at the sides two aluminum wheels and at the center a magnet. When the current flows through the aluminum conductor it generates a magnetic field. This condition puts in rotation the liquid mercury being a conductive metal. The working voltage is DC 2V controlled by inverter. 1speaker magnet, talc powder. The talc powder makes visible the movement of the mercury. The speed of rotation of mercury depends on the voltage being given. Increasing the tension the mercury takes off outside the bowl. This experiment is known as the "Lorentz Force" The system doesn't work in alternating current.

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The the universe has no obligation to makes sense to you.
The earth is a globe.

Re: How cloud rotate with the same phase as earth surface
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Within clouds there are flying solid bodies like an aircraft.

Suppose the earth is round, those flying bodies need to be navigated by operators AKA Angels to maintain the altitude like airplanes do (at least "as what they told").

If REers still don't believe in FE yet, at least they are supposed to believe:

Round Earth + Angels


Rationality urges them to hold such belief.
If it's true that in airplane there is a device for maintaining the altitude based on earth's curvature, the same case will apply for a solid flying body within cloud, otherwise those clouds will look going higher and higher.

Just to be sure we are on the same page here, tell us how you think this device works.