Vedic Earth and NASA T shirts

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Vedic Earth and NASA T shirts
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I posted about this before but I just want everyone to put all doubts and confusion aside and realize what the earth actually is. Earth is a giant disk 4 billion miles in diameter divided by seven ocean and seven tracks of land. The seven continents that we know of are just tiny little area in the salt water ocean known as Bharata Varsha, according to Vedic texts. Mount Meru is not at the north pole, but rather in the center of Jambudvipa the center island of the Earth disk (Bhumandala) The oceans and landmasses get wider and wider as you travel further away from the center. 4 billion miles in total. The habitable part of this Earth disk is roughly 300 million miles, the rest is darkness and very high mountains. Most of the Earth is paradise but because we are in Kaliyuga (age of isolation and unawareness) we cannot travel or see this greater earth. We are banished to a very small area and the greater earth is just outside Antarctica. Think of our known world as a prison cell. Imagine if you serve time in prison you are confined to a small cell lets say in New York or Chicago, yet outside your cell there is a whole continent of North America. Well this is basically where we are in comparison to the greater Earth disk that we can't access. This large earth disk is located inside a giant sphere, the disk basically cuts across it filling up the entire middle portion. There are also seven subterranean heavens below us and seven worlds above us. We are called Midgard because we are literally in the middle. Outside this universe there are other Spheres they also contain their own disks inside of them some are larger than ours. So this is a very short description of the Vedic universe and the greater Earth.

Now I'm sure you all have seen many people wearing NASA shirts, at least here in the States I have seen many.  Notice that before flat earth movement no one was wearing them. This is a direct result of flat earth spreading like wild fire. NASA is panicking so they decided to promote their gear and people who wear that have taken a clear stand to sell out to the globular lie and to the Devil. I spit on them.
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Re: Vedic Earth and NASA T shirts
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