what does FE think of gyrocompass?

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what does FE think of gyrocompass?
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"Another, more practical, method is to use weights to force the axis of the compass to remain horizontal (perpendicular to the direction of the center of the Earth), but otherwise allow it to rotate freely within the horizontal plane.[2][3] In this case, gravity will apply a torque forcing the compass's axis toward true north. Because the weights will confine the compass's axis to be horizontal with respect to the Earth's surface, the axis can never align with the Earth's axis (except on the Equator) and must realign itself as the Earth rotates. But with respect to the Earth's surface, the compass will appear to be stationary and pointing along the Earth's surface toward the true North Pole."

Gyrocompass is required on large ships, and is the preferred method of setting headings over magnetic compass.

How does gyrocompass work on FE? Or does it even work at all?

Particularly interested in the Tom Bishop bi-polar map. He explained that navigation still works because the compass would parallel the (curved) longitude on his map. How does gyrocompass work on the bi-polar map?

I am hoping for a thoughtful, scientifically accurate response from FE.

If I make a youtube video of a homemade gyrocompass, would FEs here believe it? It would cost > $50 and I have never made a youtube video, would have to learn how. I would do it if I thought FE would believe, but they would just say I faked it or something. If FE said "go ahead", and I did it, but then FE says "fake!" or whatever, could you understand me getting angry?

Is it possible for something to be both true and unproven?

Are things that are true and proven any different from things that are true but not proven?