Aether wind on a DE disk

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Aether wind on a DE disk
« on: February 27, 2019, 07:21:19 PM »
I may be misunderstanding some parts of this theory, or be mixing parts of two theories, but I am a little confused on where the Aether wind comes from/how it works in the duel earth theory. 

My understanding of the aether wind theory is that, in short, it blows up from under the earth, and forms a dome, then meets in the middle (or maybe at several points) over the earth, where a portion of it comes down.  This downwards pressure is what acts as what we perceive to be gravity, and holds us to the earth.  I can understand in principle how this would function, especially when earth is a single side with the wind blowing up from the bottom, and being pushed around the earth then coming down from above.  With the DE theory it sounds like the equator is essentially the edge of the disc, what is traditionally called "the northern hemisphere" being the top side of a disc, and the southern the lower side, and the wind essentially helps to keep us on the disc as we transition from one side to the other. The layout of this theory makes a lot of sense as it helps with some of the distance issues caused in other theories of FE.  What i wonder is how does the wind work in the DE world? It doesn't seem like it could come from  above or below, or else it would be much stronger on one side compared to the other.