Quick question about traveling

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Quick question about traveling
« on: February 25, 2019, 04:36:40 PM »

I was just wondering how the Flat Earth Theory discusses traveling to the same destination whether going East or West. I've traveled to Asia by stopping in Europe before (going East) and by going over the Pacific Ocean (going West). I'm new to the discussion, but is this explained by the maps themselves being incorrect, and if so, how would they actually be structured? From my understanding, the flatness of the Earth/the Ice Wall would prohibit such travel patterns.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I was just genuinely curious.


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Re: Quick question about traveling
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Look at the UN logo for an idea of how to answer this question. East to West circumnavigation is simply traveling a broad circle about the North Pole. Interestingly, Isaac Asimov had the same worry and published it in his book From Flat Earth To Quasar. Unfortunately, he forgot to do his research as this has been answered since the 1800s.
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