Southern hemisphere flights

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Southern hemisphere flights
« on: February 20, 2019, 08:09:23 PM »
YouTube's Wolfie6020 offered to fly any prominent flat earther who would accept to Sydney and from there to Johannesburg or Santiago to confirm Southern Hemisphere flights work just as predicted by the globe abd do not work on a flat earth. Mark Sargent, Jeranism, the crew at Globebusters, all refused to take him in his offer.

2 YouTube flat earth debunkers however did take the flights and a video analysis of Greater Sapien's video and GPS logs for the Sydney to Johannesburg flight is presented here.

What is the flat earth explanation for this? Denial? A claim that there is no model? Or that there is a model that allows for this? Or will this data be ignored like Bob Knodel and his LRG?



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Re: Southern hemisphere flights
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No probs for Phew FE map.
They only dare to challenge conventional FE... on the south hemiplane arena.

Northern hemiplane shall reveal globe nonsenses. The key is: research flights.
TRY: (Curved Grided) South Pole Centered FE Map AKA Phew FE Map and Downwards Universal Deceleration.

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Re: Southern hemisphere flights
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Did you watch the video at all? Did you understand the issue with the sun's positioning? How does that help your phew earth?