Hey, I'm new to the flat earth community. I have a simple question about the SP

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So please allow me to introduce myself very quickly before I ask my question. (because I am new to the flat earth society)

My name is Ruben. I am studying for my Bachelor's degree in business. My native language is Dutch; I can speak English fluently, and I am at intermediate level in Japanese.

Now that's out of the way, please allow me to ask my question!

I learned from a few professors that the south pole (SP) is actually some kind of ice wall. This is a highly interesting theory, and it sounds very plausible. However, there's one thing I do not know, and can not find on the internet. My question is: How do we know that there's an ice wall?



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There is no ice wall. These ideas (UA accelerator, 32 mile diameter Sun, ice wall) were introduced to the FES by people who had no understanding of ether theory.

What we do have is a DOME, separating the orbits of the Sun/Moon/planets/stars from our own atmosphere.

It is very easy to prove that there is no ice wall, here are the photographs taken in Antarctica by Fred Bruenjes which feature the Black Sun and no ice wall at all:



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The "Ice Wall" is just another name for the Antarctic. Some believe its elevations are higher than others.
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