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Chemtrails Coronavirus Warning!
« Reply #210 on: March 31, 2020, 12:13:13 PM »
Should I have to correct all the evilness in the earth? Meh!

I constantly calm myself and postpone the study so as not to make a detailed study on this subject. This is a first and last warning to chem-corona makers!

If I should to shortify events, I just want to show you how it is a deception, and then show you the reality.

If you remember, when this incident started in China, doctors suddenly fell down and died while working in the hospital. people suddenly fell and died on the streets like zombies. because the aim was to attract the attention of the world. but when the disease comes west, people are no longer suddenly dying. I searched for those first videos, but I couldn't find them, they hide the videos because it was scam. If anyone can find it, please share it. Today we know that the patient must experience high fever and shortness of breath. In this case, the patient is tested. that is, these symptoms are symptoms of the disease. a person does not go to work with high fever, a doctor with shortness of breath necessarily notices it, does not work. He doesn't suddenly die like a fool. such a thing never happened outside of China. the goal there was to attract attention. it was completely a lie. All the videos sent from wuhan were fiction and lie.

It is also interesting to choose Italy after that. Since it is a famous place known to all, it was aimed at maintaining and increasing the world public interest.

I understood that this was a scam but I wasn't sure how they did it. I have serious marks on this issue today.

Firstly there were no cases in my country, the weather was good. The rain started that day and the first cases were announced. then the weather was not nice.

and now, this week is said to be critical and we should not go out for anything. the air smells  chemtrails sharply for a few days. I can even see small bubbles flying in the air. these occur when the chemical substances form bubbles with the turbulence that occurs during chemtrails. the air is completely closed.

In addition, the same drugs used for shortness of breath are used. A nebulizator, ventolin, pulmicort, etc... these are the same materials required by the use of the same chemtrails planted in rains during mid seasons.

All of the above evidence shows that the global epidemic is not actually an outbreak, but people are asked to concentrate on the outbreak, thus aiming to distract people from the enemy chemtrails we know very well.

I can explain more about this. country, country, I can give the numbers of the planes that do this to the addresses of their pilots. I can share the name and address information of the managers of companies that do this.

Don't test my patience! Put an end to this nonsense!