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Re: Explain the tides
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And the highest high and lowest low tides occur at the times of both the new moon and the full moon - spring tides.

To me, these observations seem quite inexplicable on any flat earth model I have seen, but fit the Globe explanation of tides perfectly.
Correlation does not imply causation, I've already explained both the causes of tides and why they're correlated to the Sun and moon; the same force that governs their rotation governs the tides.
It's not inexplicable, you're just wilfully ignorant. You keep repeating the same old bs no matter how many times you see an answer.
The flat earth explanation that I have been given and have read has been that tides are caused by "celestial gravitation", not to be confused but "gravity".
The tides, by all modern accounts,  seem to be the product of celestial gravitation.

Dr. Rowbotham thought it was merely the earth bobbing on the great deep, though he did not rule out a connection to the moon via some as yet recognized mechanism.

No-one that I have seen has yet explained that there is any "force that governs their rotation", let alone what its properties might be.

So, no Mr JRoweSkeptic, just watch your often repeated accusation of being, "just wilfully ignorant".
Besides, I thought that on your DET there were no sun or moon as physical objects.

Now maybe you would like to explain how that causes the two tides a day that most places observe.

But, I'm afraid that I simply cannot keep up with all the flat earth, each produced by the "smartest person of earth", from you, Sandokhan, sceptimatic, John Davis and brotherhood of the dome - all quite different and none the same are the "accepted model".