Flat Earth Map: The world's most reliable map: 中国是最大的国家。

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Re placing the El Paso

Green values:

El Paso   LA   1269
El Paso   Denver   1040
El Paso   Atlanta   2145
El Paso   Dallas   1191
San Antonio   El Paso   898

The place of El Paso changed a bit and the color of El Paso has been converted the green.

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Re adding the "Yellowknife"


Yellowknife   Calgary 1263 1.353
B736/737 1:48 779

Yellowknife   Vancouer  1.572 1.715
2:15 CRJ9 (A319) 790

Yellowknife   Ottawa   3104 3.012
B735 3:43 840

Yellowknife   Edmonton 1.020 868
B733 1:19 765
DHD8 1:46 449 *

DHD8 runs Calgary-Edmonton: 0:47
Calgary-Edmonton on map: 330kms.
speed: 421kmh for 300.
A318 in 300kms distance: 569kmh.
A318 in 1.020 distance: 774kmh.

So DHD8 in 1.020kms distance: 774/569 x330 = 449kmh.

With using green values:

There is a perfect intersection here. Although there is insufficient datas, Yellowknife is added as green color.

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Controlling and re placing North America is generally finished. I want to make an climate control in this point.

I measured the distances in flat map which cities stay in the right side between the Pole.

In my opinion, there is a direct relevant between distance to pole and climate. There is two other effects that not in this issue. For freeing other factors, I chosed 6 cities stay left side of the Pole.

If you look the google map, so you see  that Anchorage stays north of Beijing and Harbin the Chinese cities. But in our map, Anchorage stays south of Harbin and north of Beijing.

According to google map, there is no direct relevance between climate and distance to Pole. Now. Lets examine.

Whole cities are in the northern side of the earth, so seasons are same. We'll look them as the temperature of January, it gives us an idea about climate. Other months already overlaps these results.

I researches these 6 cities for yearly climate:

I write them in the number of nearest to furhest to the Pole, according to flat map

1- Yellowknife (Jan: -21)
2.476kms to pole.

2- Harbin (Jan: -12)
2.856kms to pole.

3- Anchorage: (Jan: -5)
3.003kms to pole.

4- Beijing:
3.752kms to pole.
(Jan: +2)


5- Tokyo
4.778kms to pole.
(Jan: +9)

(Please take care how Tokyo stays far to Pole!)

6- Los Angeles
5.248 to pole.
(Jan: +20)


Place to distance to Pole / Place to Average temperature:

1- Yellowknife : 1 / 1
2- Harbin: 2 / 2
3- Anchorage: 3 / 3
4- Beijing: 4 / 4
5- Tokyo: 5 / 5
6- Los Angeles: 6 / 6

Perfectly overlapped.

As we see that, there is direct relevant between distance to North and average temperature. There is two factors that I earlier examined; altitude of the place and distance to sea. For eliminate the other factors, I chosed cities close to sea. So the other factors are eliminated.

In our map, the temperatures understandable by only considering the distance to north pole.

But if you ask it to google or NASA that, "if Anchorage stays North or Harbin, so why the weather in Anchorage soft than the weather in Harbin?", so they produce lies for you like: jet winds; ocean waves, tropical storms,... bla bla.

I hope now everybody understand the climate how a basic science.
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If you wonder about Vancouer that I did not write. I did not write it because of simplify the digram. But I can.

Vancouer: 3.945 kms far to pole.

Closer than Tokyo, further than Beijing. Place 4 between 5.

Weather january in Beijing was: +2
Weather january in Tokyo was: +9.

We wonder is it stay between these two values?

Link: January in Calgary: https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/canada/vancouver/climate

+7 degrees. Between them. Perfectly overlaps. No needed to ocean waves, tropical winds, bla bla dishonest lies!

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Re adding Whitehorse

Whitehorse   Yellowknife   1100 1058
B735 1:26 765

Whitehorse   Edmonton      1515
B350 (??) 2:54 ? researched. not reliable. (red value)

Whitehorse   Calgary      1679 1537
B735 2:01 790

Whitehorse   Vancouer      1476 1401
B735 1:51 785

Again, there is a perfect intersection here:

Although insufficient datas, whitehorse is added as a green point too.

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Rankin Inlet

Rankin Inlet   Yellowknife 1.137 1.156
B732 1:34 765

Rankin Inlet   Winnipeg 1.469 1.643
B732 2:11 780

It overlaps with real places and directions of the cities of Winnipeg and Yellowknife. But these datas are infufficient. Although they are green circles, we have to add it as white color. Yes, this place is about here but not a perfect point.

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Re placing the Novosibirsk

In the aim of greening the Eurasia.

Green and red values for Novosibirsk (first ones are green values)

Novosibirsk   Yekaterinburg   1488   1372
Novosibirsk   Moscow   2727   2804
Novosibirsk   Beijing   3193   2998
Novosibirsk   Hong Kong   5072   4469
Novosibirsk   Astana      869
Harbin   Novosibirsk   2946   3210
Yakutsk   Novosibirsk   2727   
Ürümqi   Novosibirsk   1916   1283

Any place in the area colored as red possible for placing to Novosibirsk. Its place already stay is not so good but not so much wrong.

So much error range and I don't want to do a mistake after now. So that;

Attemp to place Novosibirsk unsuccess. We'll try to come closer from southern side.

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Re placing the Hyderabad

(In the aim of coming closer the North cities from southern side)

Green and red values together (first values are green as first example)

Hyderabad   London   7702   7762
Hyderabad   Delhi   1518   1267
Hyderabad   Mumbai   932   622
Hyderabad   Dubai   2673   2548
Hyderabad   Singapore   3393   3310 (red value is used)
Hyderabad   Hong Kong   3639   3750
Bangalore   Hyderabad   590   457 corrected distance: 539
Kochi   Hyderabad   1054   820
Kolkata   Hyderabad   1400   1208 (red value is used)

Not a perfect intersection. The place I marked is a bit better than its place.

Second attemp:

There is 3 green circles and I tried the red values for this time and they overlapped.

Some of red cities misses this point but their place is already may be wrong. So that this point as intersection of green point marked as green.

But there is a problem remained. Because Hyderabad stays north of Bengaluru in global map and magnetic declination is just a bit. But in our map Hyderabad stays east of Bangalore. In the aim of solving this problem, we'll rotate Hyderabad and Bangalore together on circles come from green cities. I colored these circles as green and cyan for seperate the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore.

I temporary deleted Kochi, because it remained in wrong place after correctios.

First values are green

Bangalore   London   7876   8056
Bangalore   Amsterdam   7646   7702
Bangalore   Dubai   2752   2698
Bangalore   Hong Kong   4353   3960
Bangalore   Delhi   1964   1711
Bangalore   Hyderabad   590   457
Bangalore   Mumbai   1059   835


(first value is red)
Bangalore   Kolkata      1548 1.650
A319 2:18 795
A320 2:08 795
B738 2:05 800

This try doesn't work too.
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Greening the London

Green values:
Barcelona   London   1150
Amsterdam   London   357
Bergen   London   1044
Oslo   London   1154 (red)

London   Rejkjavik (1896) 2.103kms.
A320 speed: 822kmh. best: 2:43 distance: 2.233kms.
B752 speed: 835kmh. best: 2:32 distance: 2.115kms.
B763 speed: 835kmh. best: 2:21 distance: 1.962kms.
Distance: 2.103kms.

London   Los Angeles 8769 8.767kms

A388 best: 9:42 speed:913 distance:8856kms.
B789 best: 9:32 speed:909 distance:8666kms.
B77W best: 9:51 speed:893 distance:8796kms.
B774 best: 9:44  speed:899 distance:8750kms.
Distance: 8.767kms.

London   New York 5545 5.402kms.

B744 best: 6:14 speed: 892 distance: 5560
B772 best: 6:04 speed: 878 distance: 5324
A346 best: 6:02 speed: 883 distance: 5327
B763 best: 6:13 speed: 868 distance: 5396
distance: 5.402kms.

London   Tel Aviv 3.593 3.844kms
B772 best: 4:24 speed: 876 distance: 3.854
B77w best: 4:28 speed: 885distance: 3.953
B789 best: 4:08 speed: 901 distance: 3.724
Distance: 3.844kms.

London   Moscow 2511 2628
A320-321 best:3:13 speed:837 distance: 2.628

London   Beijing 8.162 8.486
A330 9:35 868 8.318
B773 9:25 907 8.540
B789 9:29 907 8.601
distance: 8.486 kms

Johannesburg-London 9.086 9378
A388 10:37 913 9693
A332 10:32 869 9153
B789 10:13 909 9287
distance: 9.378kms.

Sao Paolo-London 9471 9713
B772 11:14 884 9930
B773 10:38 893 9496

Atlanta-London 6769 6432
B763 7:22 871 6416
B764 7:30 881 6608
B77W 7:11 890 6393
B772 7:05 891 6311

Tokyo-London  9603 10.008
B77W 11:11 893 9987
B788 11:02 909 10029

London's place was already corrected to the whole green cities and so that perfectly overlapped. No changing required. Directly greened.

With find a third green city we may easily reveal the whole Europe.

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Adding Madrid in the aim of targeting the Europe.

As we remember that, the distances in Europe is generally true so that we'll use distances in Europe  as how they stay in any map.

Red values from green cities:
Madrid   London   1262
Madrid   Lisbon   503
Madrid   Amsterdam   1481
Madrid   St.Petersburg   3190
Madrid   Halifax   4805
Madrid   NY   5768
Madrid   Johannesburg   8102
Madrid   Sao Paulo   8385
Madrid   Barcelona   505
Madrid   Istanbul   2738
Madrid   Lagos   3844


Madrid has perfectly overlapped with green cities, including Johannesburg and Sao Paulo. Barcelona, as a white city stayed close the Madrid. So Barcelona temporary deleted. Another point that; Lisbon seems stayed far to Madrid. We'll correct the place of Lisbon now, soon or later.

Madrid seems south of Amsterdam, but according to global map, it could stayed the south west of the Amsterdam. We'll see which one is true, next a day.


Red and green values together:

Madrid   Lisbon   503
Lisbon   NY   4847
Lisbon   Beijing   9675
Sao Paulo - Lisbon: 7.947      
Lisbon Toronto 5726      
Lisbon Amsterdam 1864      
Lisbon Sao Paulo 7947      
Lisbon Istanbul 3237      
Lisbon Moscow 3907   
This point is correct enough to be agreed as new place for Lisbon.

Lisbon becomes 4th green point in west Europe.

Todays working;

We tried to arrive the center from Asian side. In this aim, we have tried to do it directly from Russia but could not success. As a second try, we have tried the Indian cities but it was not succesfull too. As a third try, we have tried the west Europe and this operation was succesfull.

We added Madrid as a new green city and greened the colors of London as Lisbon. Barcelona and Kochi (south India) are deleted because stayed wrong places. As a result of changing Lisbon and addin Madrid, so west African cities except Johannesburg the green color have changed the color magenta.

Will be continued tomorrow.

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Toulouse   Madrid      553
Toulouse   Lisbon      1038
Toulouse   London      886
Toulouse   Amsterdam      1008
Toulouse   St.Petersburg      2653
Toulouse   Istanbul      2272

There is a perfect intersection here and I greened this city. But there is remain a difference with London. So we'll control the distance with London. If it verifies that place, stays green, if does not, we'll decide something else.

Toulouse   London      886 1152
A320 1:33 743

Now we'll use 1152 instead of 886.

As we clearly see that, this distance 1152 that we calculated by flight time, perfectly overlapped with the point. So we can say that real distance between London and Toulouse is 1152; oppositely goole's lie as 866. If you ask it to google that, "if Toulouse is far to London just 866, why the flight time is more than 1:30 hours?" ; then propably they'll say you a story about winds. So the winds between London and Toulouse always blow the opposite direction. If you fly London to Toulouse, so winds blow from Toulouse to London; and if you fly the opposite route, so you'll find the winds blow against your direction agains. Corrected; winds are pcsicopath and don't like Toulouse people. Almost their only job to slow down the people. ;D

Toulouse is added as 5th green point in west Europe.

Re Adding the Barcelona

I marked the circle come from London as red because it is clear that google is saying lie about distances between London and Spanish cities.  ;)
Barcelona   Toulouse      254
Barcelona   Madrid      505
Barcelona   Lisbon      1007
Barcelona   London      1138
Barcelona   Amsterdam      1239
Barcelona   St.Petersburg      2820
Barcelona   Istanbul      2234

Oh, nice! One more time, google is saying lie about distance between London and Spanish cities. They are more far than google's claim.

Lets prove:

Barcelona   London      1138 1456 corrected as 1.377
A320 1:57 774

Flight time is perfectly overlapped with this place!

Proved. Google is saying lie about distances between London and Spanish cities. Because the real distances don't overlap with their fake/imaginary so called map.

As a result, Barcelona is re added and turned to its color as green.

Continue with Paris...

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Because of google saying lie to public about distances between London and Europe, we'll show the circle come from London as red.

Also as a white city, distances with Istanbul is more correct than distance with London. What a shame as one of the biggest company in the world.

Paris ORY   Barcelona      816
Paris ORY   Toulouse      574
Paris ORY   Madrid      1040
Paris ORY   Lisbon      1444
Paris ORY   London      356
Paris ORY   Amsterdam      443
Paris ORY   St.Petersburg      2173
Paris ORY   Istanbul      2251

There is two possiblity.

Sounds like one more time London has a problem with both these points. Additionally we'll calculate the distance with Amsterdam for be sure the point. These two city are enough we be sure its real place.

Paris ORY   London      356 576
A170 1:03 569

Paris ORY   Amsterdam      443 472
B738 (Transavia Holland) 0:42 626
B738 (Transavia France) 0:50 626
(I considered two different companies because both are not well known companies)

Lets try again but with flight times:

I decided this place for Paris. This plays stay on the right side of the path between Toulouse to London; like how stays in glob maps. Corrected and greened.

Continue with whole Europe...

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We'll not get considered distance between London, because we have proved that google is saying lie about the distances between London to Europe, because their fake/imaginary, so called map doesn't overlaps the real distances between London and Europe. What a shame for google!

Zurich   Paris ORY      483
Zurich   Barcelona      835
Zurich   Toulouse      693
Zurich   Madrid      1246
Zurich   Lisbon      1723
Zurich   Amsterdam      615
Zurich   St.Petersburg      1986
Zurich   Istanbul      1769

There is two points are possible. We have to examine two route for understand which one is true.

Before do that, I'll change the place of Paris from Orlie airport to Charles de Goal. Because there is no flight between Orly to Zurich but exist from "Gaulle" (could not they find an easier name).

From Orly to De gaulle 34kms  through Amsterdam. Paris has moved 34 kms through Amsterdam and changed the airport repreasnt it to Charles De Gaulle.

Done. (You have not see these details)

Zurich   Paris (Charles de gaulle)   476 664
A318 1:06 630
A320 1:06 630

Zurich   Amsterdam      604 949
A321 1:23 695
B737 1:21 700

Now we see why do these two circles misses the other intersection point.

Because of google want to convince people to their map is true, so that sayint lie about distances between Zurich to Amsterdam and Zurich to paris.

As a result, a white city; caused by God damn google's many lies!

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Rome   Paris      1105
Rome   Barcelona      858
Rome   Toulouse      920
Rome   Madrid      1363
Rome   Lisbon      1862
Rome   Amsterdam      1297
Rome   St.Petersburg      2347
Rome   Istanbul      1376

Directly green without any doubt.

Istanbul has moved through Rome 40kms in the aim of make easier to green it.


Vienna   Rome      765
Vienna   Paris      1033
Vienna   Barcelona      1350
Vienna   Toulouse      1261
Vienna   Madrid      1809
Vienna   Lisbon      2299
Vienna   Amsterdam      936
Vienna   St.Petersburg      1583
Vienna   Istanbul      1276

I see a perfect intersection here. And you?

Vienna is added as a green point.

I was thinking Vienna is North west but now we see it directly west of the Istanbul, but a few north. So google must try to deceive us with magnetic declinations. So that, google must declare magnetic declination in Istanbul as "east", then it makes Vienna a bit more west. Ok. Lets control.

Done!. Google with claiming a magnetic declination for istanbul through east, saves a part of its map mistakes. Well done!

Continue with greening the Istanbul. The intersection point of west, east, north and south.  ::)
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Re placing the Istanbul

Istanbul   Vienna      1276
Istanbul   Rome      1376
Istanbul   Paris      2255
Istanbul   Barcelona      2234
Istanbul   Toulouse      2272
Istanbul   Madrid      2738
Istanbul   Lisbon      3237
Istanbul   Amsterdam      2212
Istanbul   St.Petersburg      2106
Istanbul   Yekaterinburg      2861
Istanbul   Dar Essalaam      5422

Oh, it is almost a perfect intersection. Although Dar assalaam and Yekaterinburg those we did not used for a while, verified.

As a result, last position of the Istanbul moved through Vienna about 37kms and colored as green.

Map after last changings...

Continue with the line of: Athens, Tel Aviv and Mecca; in the aim of revealing important places for religions.

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Athens   Istanbul      563
Athens   Vienna      1282
Athens   Rome      1051
Athens   Paris      2095
Athens   Barcelona      1877
Athens   Toulouse      1969
Athens   Madrid      2368
Athens   Lisbon      2850
Athens   Amsterdam      2164
Athens   St.Petersburg      2486

With first 3 cities:

I posted it for you see how is it a perfect intersection. There is only 5kms mistaken. It is about a size of an airport  ;D

Ok. I'm adding others now.

I never saw a perfect intersection like this. More closer looking:

This is a proof of the reliablity of our map.

As a sign of how it perfectly overlapped and stays in same plece in every wituation, I colored it as yellow, proves it's stablity. (This point never moves, even 5kms, along side of an airport distance)

I was thinking to add Jerusalem before Mecca, but after I saw the distance between Tel Aviv only 51kms; I changed my mind. After we greened the Tel Aviv, we'll add a yellow circle on Tel Aviv with 51kms missing this yellow circle will represant the Jerusalem.

I'll turned my old plan. I'll continue to go to the east step by step.
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Antalya for coming closer to Tel Aviv and Cairo safely, as a middle point.

Antalya   Athens      629
Antalya   Istanbul      483
Antalya   Vienna      1716
Antalya   Rome      1658
Antalya   Paris      2644
Antalya   Barcelona      2499
Antalya   Toulouse      2578
Antalya   Madrid      2994
Antalya   Lisbon      3478
Antalya   Amsterdam      2646

With first 3 circles:

Antalya has 2,73kms misses. I placed it middle of intersectionand correct the mistake as 1.350 metres. You may correct this mistake by walking 2 minutes.  ;D

With other circles:

Perfectly overlapped. So that, Antalya is the second city added as yellow to show this city is definitely in this place and never moves!

Both google and aircrafts have wrong idea about Tel Aviv. So that, I want to add the Cairo before greening the Tel Aviv.

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Before Cairo;


Aleppo   Antalya      581
Aleppo   Athens      1207
Aleppo   Istanbul      888
Aleppo   Vienna      2158
Aleppo   Rome      2213
Aleppo   Paris      3143
Aleppo   Barcelona      3064
Aleppo   Madrid      3563
Aleppo   Lisbon      4052
Aleppo   Amsterdam      3093

I see 10 circles and 10 perfect intersection, and you?

So that, Aleppo is added another yellow point in the map, shows its reliablity more than the green ones.


Baghdad   Aleppo      735
Baghdad   Antalya      1306
Baghdad   Athens      1934
Baghdad   Istanbul      1608
Baghdad   Vienna      2857
Baghdad   Paris      3860
Baghdad   Madrid      4297
Baghdad   Amsterdam      3785
Baghdad   Dar Essalaam      4495

Baghdad as another yellow point.


Tehran   Baghdad      696
Tehran   Aleppo      1284
Tehran   Antalya      1858
Tehran   Athens      2469
Tehran   Istanbul      2038
Tehran   Paris      4210
Tehran   Amsterdam      4065
Tehran   Dar Essalaam      4896
Tehran   Yekaterinburg      2449

9/10 are perfectly overlapped and one is a bit missed; Yekaterinburg. We know google is saying lie about Russia and showing its as bigger; than this difference is understandable.



For a while, rounder heads are constantly debating me about my religinal beliefs. They are forcing me to add Mecca, by subconscious games. I understand it but even so I'll add it. I already will add it now. But we understand that maybe some surprises are waiting us in Mecca. lets see.

Mecca   Tehran      1946
Mecca   Baghdad      1396
Mecca   Aleppo      1664
Mecca   Antalya      1931
Mecca   Athens      2401
Mecca   Istanbul      2405
Mecca   Paris      4495
Mecca   Amsterdam      4553
Mecca   Dar Essalaam      3141
Mecca   Yekaterinburg      4288

With only using the 5 yellow circles:

Perfectly overlaps. With adding the green ones:

Still overlaps, but not perfect as old one. Yekaterinburg and Dar As Salaam misses a bit. Perhaps google is saying lie about them.

As a result, Mecca is added perfectly and colored as yellow to show its perfectly placed and never moves.

I added small points in the center of Pole and Mecca. You may find your pray direction by draw two lines to Mecca and Pole. Or you may wait for me declare the pray directions for some cities. the choice is up to you.

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Pray direction for Istanbul: 120 degrees (not 148 degrees)

google claims:


The difference between real value (120 degrees) and google value (148 degrees) is more than error limit for prays as clericals general acceptation 18-20 degrees.

148-120 = 28 degrees. > 20 degrees error limit for pray direction !!

I'm right. Google is playing game against muslims and directs them to wrong direction. I want to show you where is the 148 degrees:

About Jerusalem. There is 1 degrees mistake remained but it is the google and our mistake together.

This was my concern that google deliberately misleading the muslims to let them pray through their Qibla Jerusalem instead of Qibla of muslims, Mecca.

Thats the reason of these confusing games!

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Pray direction for Tehran

-158 degrees.

And google claims:

Google claims it as -141 ;

There is 17 degrees mistaken.

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Pray Direction for Brisbane

This may be lets Rabinoz to start pray:  ;D

29 degrees North West.

What google claims:

280 degrees. It means 360-280= 80 degrees North to west.

Google directs muslims in Australia to pray through somewhere between Perth and Denpasar.

The choice is yours! Listen me and direct through Mecca or listen infidel google and direct your pray through Ocean!
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Almati   Beijing      3276
Almati   Xian      2932
Almati   Tehran      2331
Almati   Istanbul      3904
Almati   St Petersburg      3607
Almati   Amsterdam      5241
Almati   Delhi      1628
Almati   Novosibirsk      1378
Almati   Astana      970
Almati   Moscow      3101

There is a good intersection point. But not perfect. I may add it as white but I'll more focus on flight times and try to green it.

As a result; Almati for greening the Center from Asian side again.

First attemp is unsuccesfull. We'll try it tomorrow by considering flights from green and yellow points. Then we'll see one more time, how google  was deceived the public.

Last situation of the map.

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Second attemp to Almati.


Almati   Beijing      3274 3.550
A320 4:13 852
B738 4:24 856

Almati   Tehran      2331 2.876
E190 3:35 832

Almati   Istanbul      3932 3.981
A320 4:44 852
A330 4:45 862
B739 4:58 856

Almati   St Petersburg      3613 3.864
A321 4:42 852

Almati   Delhi      1646 2393
A321 3:06 800

Almati   Novosibirsk      1359 1.563
E170 2:04 784

Almati   Astana      952 1148
A320 1:20 (air astana) 760
A321 1:43 (air astana) 760
A333 1:38 (Lufthansa) 770
B737 1:21 (scat airlines) 755

Almati   Moscow      3124 3.254
A320 3:51 852
A321 4:04 852

Almati   Urumqi      866 1.242
E190 2:04 China southern 750 1.495
A320 1:22 (inconsistency) air astana 750 990

Almati added as a white point.

Re-placing the Moscow

Moscow   Beijing   6263
Kunming   Moscow   6531
Lisbon Moscow 3907      
St.Petersburg   Moscow   641
Moscow   Istanbul   1782 2.107
A320 2:42 809
Moscow   Yekaterinburg      1437 1683
A321 2:06 790
B738 2:18 795

Moscow is re placed and its color changed as a green.

Whole Russian cities except Almati turned to Magenta. We'll examine them one by one again.

As we see that, gang/google is playing many games on Russia. But we'll solve them how we solve the Devil.

For today, that's all. I was busy today. Tomorrow I hope I can find more times for work on the map.

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Baku   Istanbul      1.787 1.659
A320 2:04 (Azerbayjan airlines) 809
B738 2:28 (Turkish airlines-(Not Turk)) inconsistent
B763 2:09 (Azerbayjan airlines) 822

Baku   Tehran 570 617
A320 0:56 (Iran Airlines, all reliable) 686

Baku   Tel Aviv 1.652 1.847
A320 israir 2:22 809
A320 Azerbayjan Airlines 2:27 809

Baku   Antalya 1.715 1.574
E190 2:01 809

Baku   Moscow 1.958 2.369
B738 2:59 823

Baku   St.Petersburg 2.552 2.647
E190 3:16 840

Baku   London 4.006  3.724
B788 4:17 901

Baku   New York 9.371 8.611
B748 9:44 909
B788 9:54 909

Baku   Beijing 5.510 5.655
767 6:40 879

Some corrected distances with Baku:

You may consider these distances and see which places google is deceiving us.

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Have a nice week.

This week we'll continue to solve the Russia. In past week, we arrived a result that "global gang" has made everything to hide the real shape of the Russia. So that we have decided to add cities around Russia one by one with all our care. Lets continue with...


Tashkent   Baku 1.619 1.535
A320 1:58 809

Tashkent   Almati 680 685
A320 0:59 710
A321 1:01 710

Tashkent   Istanbul 3.361 3.236
A332 3:58 862
B788 3:39 901

Tashkent   London 5.267 5.101
B752 6:05 869

Tashkent   Rome 4.661 4.749
B752 5:41 866

Tashkent   St.Petersburg 3.369 3.370
A319 4:10 852
B763 3:58 866

Tashkent   Moscow 2.821 2752
A321 3:23 (Aeroflot) 843

Tashkent   Beijing 3.947 4.140
A332 5:04 852
B752 4:52 876

Tashkent   Delhi 1.582 1.890
A320 2:30 800
B752 2:19 814
B764 2:25 823

Tashkent   Singapore 5.643 6.114
B764 7:13 878

There is a perfect intersection here. None of the circles stay out. There is just a bit miss remained with Almati, but Almaati as a white point maybe a bit changed. So that Tashkent is added as a green point in the map.

After now, we have a strong point near south of center Russia.

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Re placing Urumqi

First values are green as first example:

Almati   Urumqi   1242   866
Kunming   Urumqi   3289   2519
Urumqi   Beijing   2806   2434
Urumqi   Xi'an   2359   2108
Urumqi   Novosibirsk   1986   1283
Urumqi   Astana   1520   1437
Urumqi   Moscow   4529   3734

With a bit change the color of Urumqi turned the green.

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Re placing the Dubai

Last time, we have placed Dubai with red values, so that it doesn't placed as a green point. This time we'll use the green values and try to make it green.

Dubai   Kunming      4765 4469 (early calculated)

Dubai   Istanbul      3011 3273
B77W (Emirates) 3:51 885
B77W (Turkish A.) 3:49 885

Dubai   Johannesburg      6428 6701
A388 7:45 908
B77W 7:43 888

Dubai   Beijing      5835 6235
A333 7:28 864
A388 7:10 903

Dubai   Dar Essalaam      3968 4558
B738 5:06 (suspicious-fly dubai) 856 (B738 can't run faster than B77w)
B77w 5:09 885

Dubai   Tokyo      7926 7543
B77w 8:47 890

Dubai   Moscow      3681 4047
B738 4:54 856

Dubai   St.Petersburg      4307 4625
B77w 5:25 885

Dubai   London      5670 5516
A388 6:17 908
B772 6:31 879

Dubai   Lisbon      6132 6112
B77w 7:08 888

Dubai   NY      11004 10091
A388 11:25 916

Dubai   Los Angeles      13383 13361
A388 15:03 920

Dubai   Sao Paulo      12232 11896
A388 13:24 920

Dubai   Sydney      12049 11852
A388 13:21 920

Dubai   Perth      9040 8623
A388 9:54 913
B77W 10:15 893

Dubai   Tashkent 2.196 2151
B788 2:40 879 Suspicious)
B738 is possible: 836kmh

Dubai   Urumqi 3565  4.144
B738 5:01 856

Dubai   Mecca 1.700 2.061
A320 2:33 809
A388 2:35 855

Dubai   Baghdad 1400 1.792
747 1:49 (Iraq airways)-suspicious 829 1453
B77w 2:06 (Emirates) 815 1651

Fly Dubai, with the claim of they are running a B738 faster than a B77W of Emirates Airlines which one of the most reliable airlines, that technically impossible, so is black listed.

There is a good intersection point here and Dubai is greened.

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Re placing the Novosibirsk

novosibirsk is crying for we place it but it is almost impossible ro determine its real place. It is definitely caused by Russian drunk pilot mistakes. Anyway. We are trying to do it again:

Green values (first ones are green as example)

Novosibirsk   Yekaterinburg   1488   1372
Novosibirsk   Moscow   2727   2804
Novosibirsk   Beijing   3193   2998
Harbin   Novosibirsk   2946   3210
Urumqi   Novosibirsk   1986   1283
Almati   Novosibirsk   1563   1378


Novosibirsk   Tashkent 1.819 1.896
A320 2:24 819

This place for Novosibirsk seems good. Not a perfect intersection and the point is a few estimated. So that it is colored white for now.

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Re adding the Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk   Novosibirsk (white city) 632
whole flights are suspicious. There is no a reliable flight inside 3 airlines flying in this route. How interesting. If you don't believe me, look and see by yourself.


Click any of aircraft and see the nonsence! These aircraft companies almost agreed to confuse the public with lies! They don't provide any a bit reliable information!

Krasnoyarsk   Tashkent 2.358 2542
A320 3:10 832

Krasnoyarsk   Moscow 3.3303708
A320 4:30 852
B738 4:30 856

Krasnoyarsk   Saint Petersburg 3.558 3768
A320 4:35 (suspicious) 852

Krasnoyarsk   Yekaterinburg 1.933 2187
A320 2:45 (suspicious) 824

Krasnoyarsk   Beijing 2.508 2620
A320 3:53  838

Krasnoyarsk   Harbin 2.609 2520
A320 3:35 ( 838

(Between distances to Harbin and beijing, opposite of google's claim is true, accordingly the flight times!)

It was a suspicious event occurred in the direction between Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk. So that I more detailed examined them.

In google map, Krasnoyarsk is a bit north of Novosibirsk.

Lets calculate how much north:

Novosibirsk is About 7 degrees through south.

novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk are in about same latitude, same distance to sea, same altitude. So their weather shoule be close. If Krasnoyarsk is a bit North, like the claim of google, it should be a bit cold compared to the Novosibirsk.

Krasnoyarsk -14

Novosibirsk -16

Temperatures sond like Novosibirsk is more North. If it is true, so google could tried to deceive us by using magnetic declination lie. Lets look it:

According to "magnetic declination" liars, there is 8,43 degrees magnetic declination through east in Novosibirsk.

In other say, if you use a compass, you find Novosibirsk as more north of the Krasnoyarsk.

In other say, meanwhile they are close themselves by latitude, but in fact, Novosibirsk stay a bit North, oppositely google's claim!

In other say, google is saying lie in the aim of deceiving us about the map of the Russia!

Anyway. We'll put these liars (God damn all of them) to a side and consider only the facts!

There was two point that I could choose. I chosed the southern one, oppositely google's claim the northern one. Because temperatures show it us. Actually there is no a lot of difference. The point is clear , despite all of googl'e try to deceive us, so that Krasnoyarsk is re added but this time, as a green and reliable point!

They are in about same latitude with Novosibirsk but Krasnoyarsk just a very bit stays south.

NASA could not achieve to conquer the Russia but we done. Because, liars do never achieve!

Map situation after Russia has been conquered!

If you take care, google claims Beijing is closer than Harbin to Krasnoyarsk but the flight time between harbin is less. If we look at the map, see Krasnoyarsk is really a bit closer to Harbin than Beijing.

Google! Stop to lie!

Google! Give up the evilness!
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Re adding the Astana

Early calculated values:

First values are green and seconds are red as "second" line.

Novosibirsk   Astana      869 (red)
Almati   Astana   1075   970 recalculated
Astana   Beijing   3926   (green)
Ürümqi   Astana   1466   1437
Astana   Istanbul   3536   3428
Astana   Moscow   2315   2296 (moscow is recalculated)
Astana   St.Petersburg   3145   2728
Astana   Yekaterinburg   1083   945
Astana   Beijing   3988   3656
Astana   London   4964   4802


Astana   Dubai 3.180 3.480
A320 (Air Astana) 4:14 852

There is a perfect green intersection here.

White circles sounds like missing. They are white cities, so that we may change the position of them. On the other hand, there is some deceivings on the map of the Russia. Perhaps Russians were tried to deceive middle east people by show them a false map so defend themselves against their attacks! Anyway. These two (Novosibirsk and Almati) are two of them.

As a result, the green circles are perfectly intersected and we should make green this city. We'll think about remained two white cities later.

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