First Party Space Videos

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First Party Space Videos
« on: February 04, 2018, 11:00:24 AM »
Backup, archive S-VHS tape made by NASA? or personal copy made by someone at the NASA archive.

A while ago I bought an S-VHS tape from an ebay auction. It had mold and water damage, but i was able to clean the tape.

I thought this tape was interesting for several reasons:

S-VHS tape: as far as I know NASA never made commercial releases on S-VHS tape.
Hand written lable: Suggesting a manual or custom copy, perhaps from NASA's own archive masters.
Pro Maxell tape: Suggesting professional use, maybe broadcasting, archive safety copy or something else.

Play after cleaning:

I am not able to perfectly digitize this tape for I suspect these reasons: Its an NTSC tape I am playing on a PAL VCR. The VCR does NTSC > PAL conversion on the fly, which works for normal TVs but not for a video digitize. Because of this, the horizontal bottom is distorted and the vertical right has a black bar. This does not show up on my TV. I have tried different computers, VCRs and digitizers to no avail, sometimes it would give no picture at all. Sometimes it was B/W, the hue was all wrong and there were weird bars in the screen.

My last hope was a Sony VDR-MC5, which burns 1 hour of HQ video on a single DVD.

This worked! the colours are correct, there is still distortion on the horizontal bottom and vertical right, but aside from that the picture is clear.

They can be found in uncompressed MPEG-2 VOB format here:

I ordered some more tapes from the same seller and will be uploaded those when i digitized them.

I am now looking for a true NTSC S-VHS VCR that is verified to work (and not eat tapes) if you have such a machine and would like to lend it to me for proper digitization, please PM me.