From Tromso with PHEW :)

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Re: From Tromso with PHEW :)
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Watching this footage Jack & Mike will get sprue :)

Seriously? A video? According to The One And Only, Ultimate FAQ on this forum, FE'ers do not trust any photographic or video evidence because it is, according to FE, to easy to manipulate it. And now you are using a video? Whut?

Re: From Tromso with PHEW :)
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Remember, the footage is OPEN to be scrutinied. IF there is wrong shadow etc. all sane people will see it as it is.
Yes, they do. The see it is conclusive evidence that your model is wrong.
I have provided a video which you just dismiss as fake.
You provide your own video which shows you to be wrong, and ignore it.
You post another video saying some crap about the shadow being lazy, yet it still disproves you and you still ignore it.

All the sane people can see you are wrong.

For this matter nobody dared to post another timelapse video.

I was sick to see pathetic denial.
Everyone is sick of your pathetic denial.
You have shown you do not give a damn about evidence or reality.
There is no point in providing you with another video as you will reject it if it shows your model to be wrong.
The basis for your claim that one video was fake is that it showed your model to be wrong.

Grow up.