The Round Earther Playbook

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The Round Earther Playbook
« on: February 15, 2018, 02:38:54 PM »
This is for those that debate in the main forums. I'm taking note of the various dishonest tactics that are employed by round earthers, so that they can better be caught. I wish I had good solutions, but there's little more we can do beyond be aware, and do the obvious.
All this comes from my experience using this forum. I will do my best to name no names. I will also refrain from fallacies specific to certain arguments, and deal primarily with more general underhanded tactics meant to give an illusion of victory in a debate, when they instead demonstrate nothing but the round earther's dishonesty.

There's the cliche in debates that one should be unemotional. If one gets angry, one has lost. This is of course not true, one's temper has nothing to do with the logic of one's position, but it is a persistent belief, and one they take full advantage of.
The round earther will antagonize. They will take note of what bothers you, and will persist in using it. Often this will take the form of lies, misrepresentations, too consistent to be accidental and persisting long after they have been corrected. There will be insults as well; I suspect many have alts for this purpose, one more 'reasonable' account, and one that can get away with all manner of crudity and mockery. They work together, the latter to anger you and the former to swoop in and claim victory when you get justifiably annoyed.
This works too to force flat earthers from the site, making the forum unbearable to use. If you try to debate, you feel angry, you feel worse and worse each time. It's simple manipulation.
Many claim to be innocent of this, but judge them by their deeds, not their words. Often protestations of innocence are a further example of this tactic. When they repeatedly and openly lie, there is no other explanation for this entrapment.

When a flat earther makes an argument, or makes a point, there are only a handful that will be debated. The round earther resorts to little beyond the same few stock arguments you've heard a hundred times, and if you push them to develop those points or discuss anything new, they cannot.
As such, when a post is made asking something new of them, they will distract. They will persistently refuse to answer a question, and with their force of numbers will push the thread to several pages. When that is done, the casual reader would assume there was a response somewhere in the multitude of preceding pages, when there was nothing.

This is a more cliche fallacy. They will make demands that are simply not reasonable, whether it is a list of a hundred questions, or simply two or three incredibly detailed ones. It would likely take an hour to respond to such things, and that was if the asker was genuinely interested in what you had to say. This is rarely going to be the case as often these questions take the form of the aforementioned stock arguments.
Alternatively, users may make overlong posts, jumping on every turn of phrase or repetition of a point, expecting every single line to be responded to.
This also takes the form of the round earthers using their aforementioned force of numbers. There are more of them than us, both in real life and on the forum. They have the numbers advantage, so any answer a flat earther gives will be responded to by five or six round earthers. They use this to create a false equivalence, 'we responded! Why can't you?' when in fact any flat earther has to put in several times as much work to keep up with any active thread.
Through tactics like this, they exhaust us, in another attempt to drive us from our forum.

Pursuit and Backstabbing
Certain flat earthers are 'marked' if you will, they have expressed specific beliefs that round earthers do not like. As such, certain users will bring these up all the time, regardless of the relevance to the topic under discussion.
This is connected to the above techniques. It both serves as a distraction, but in addition the flat earther will often be blamed for the topic change when it was round earthers who sought to bring it up. Thus, it also serves to provoke.
They will especially do this in a flat earther's thread, in an attempt to set us against each other. A flat earther makes a thread, another flat earther posts in that thread, and the round earthers will take the beliefs of that second poster and make them the topic. This serves both as a smokescreen, and an attempt to encourage bitterness, but it of course takes two people to carry on a discussion, and it is the round earthers that are deciding to engage with only that one user. It is not the flat earther's fault for defending themselves, it is the round earther's for the distraction from what the first flat earther wished to discuss.
This also takes the form of trying to make us argue against one another's models, when we disagree. There is of course little time for this in the forum, with how few users there are when so many of us are forced away, it is just a distraction and another attempt to drive a wedge between us.
Separating flat earthers is a primary goal of round earthers. When this forum loses its sense of community, we have less reason to stay here, and as with the rest of their techniques it speaks to their end goal of trying to silence us, not by intelligent discussion, but by cheap and deceitful tactics.

This is connected to the previous, but it is commonplace enough to deserve its own section. As in the provocation section, they will blame a flat earther for being angry rather than look at their own side and wonder what exactly it was that drove the flat earther to anger. Similarly, many will see you respond to trolls in kind, and will blame you for it. They will insist you should engage with those that are not listening, those that have repeatedly used dishonest tactics, and call you out for being dismissive of trolls while never criticizing those same trolls for their behavior.
They attempt to cast us as the villains, and never once set their own house in order.

Confirmation Bias
This one takes many forms, and underpins the other tactics.
Forums such as this are, for the most part, not for the benefit of those taking part in the discussions. They are for the benefit of the readers, who make up a majority of the site's viewers. Because of this, round earthers have an advantage. The majority of the world believes in a round earth without question, and laughs rather than thinks about the possibility of a flat earth. Thus, readers naturally have a bias, even if they do their best. They will think that the round earther is being genuine, and the flat earther underhanded, no matter what the truth of the situation is.
A round earther can lie to your face, or more generally lie about you, and they will be believed. Calling out the lie meanwhile achieves less, because you believe in the wrong shape of the world.
Further, as mentioned above, round earthers will adamantly deny their abuse of these tactics, and simply because they are round earthers, they will be believed. They will claim flat earthers are responsible and tell many similar lies, and the majority of readers will believe them without ever analysing the situation.

I wish I could end on a more hopeful note. If you have useful responses, this would be a good thread to add them, and perhaps we can work together to help deal with this site's troll problem.
The one thing I will say is this. Though it can be disheartening to be faced by all of this, it is worth remembering what it is round earthers claim. They believe that a globe Earth is far superior to all alternatives, supported by undeniable science, and that alternatives are based on nothing. But if this was the case, why are they pathologically incapable of honest discussion, resorting instead to such fallacies and tricks as the above?
The very fact that they need to make the arguments they do is a far greater argument for FET than anything else.
On the sister site if you want to talk.



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Re: The Round Earther Playbook
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2018, 06:54:52 AM »
If you accept, so I want to add my experience as an additional knowledge.

I agree your thoughs, all are true. And additionally:

Gather a victory by take yourself someone's ignore list

By the way, you need a two step working. Firstly you need to set someone as a victim.

First step: follow one of these methods.

a) answer the same person as multiple people with the same hardness in each message. constantly say things like "liar", "deceitful" to him. get him down and ensure him as bored. soon or later, he will ignore you.

b) insult him constantly. general forums are allowed to swear in mild arguing, but angry ranting and completely nonsense forums it is free to heavy insults. If he has any of your behavior that he does not like, keep repeating it. Soon or later, he will ignore you.

Second step : declare yourself a winner.

you are sure that he is ignoring you. Now follow his posts and post after him a post like this:

a) I know you can not answer that because you do not have the courage to answer it.
b) Drive forward many arguments that he has to answer. then write the message again and say that he can not answer these arguments because he is a dishonest. he will not be able to respond to that again.

you can declare your victory at this point, you can repeat how much he is false and deceitful with your arguments. because he can not see and respond to your arguments or insults.

after a while people around him will start telling him to unignore you. because you're constantly telling him how liar and dishonest he is, and that makes people around him disturbed. If he open your ignore, then you should try to apply one of the methods cause you did enter immediately to the ignore list.

Don't forget, forum management will support you and ignore the complaints about you. So, you can attack him mercilessly. you will not be punished for this, neither in the forum, nor in the real life. If he sues you, don't afraid, forum management doesn't give  your i.p. details to court. But if he insults you with same language, forum management can gives his IP details both the court and terrorist organizations like FETÍ for hack his computer. In the meantime, your forum management will delete your data by occasionally saying "we are hacked" to prevent your information being taken by the court.

Have fun.
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Re: The Round Earther Playbook
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2018, 08:28:32 PM »
The color of truth.



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Re: The Round Earther Playbook
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2018, 10:48:44 PM »
Use children

In this method, rounders use the sensivity of children. Children, the most innocent thing in the world. So that, using them in their works, and blaming the flat earth believers for harm to children is a good tactic. For that reason, entering forum the children   should be forbid. I could not achieved to convince the management to send them out.

I normally don't want to give the names, but this is an inconvenient situation, so that I must give the name.

Here is one of them:;u=1466388

he is clearly saying his age as 12. In one hand, this means he has not the legal responsibility of his talkings. On the other hand, if your talkings harm it, his parents may sue us by harming the children's morale.

In short, join the society with children accounts. so you can accuse the flat earth believers as you like.

this workplace is on strike