FE Gravity (Double torsion Strings)

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FE Gravity (Double torsion Strings)
« on: November 19, 2017, 06:22:08 PM »
Alright, so I abandoned the Ferrari Effect and relativity model as legit FE concepts, and I have been looking into various explanations of Terrestrial (and Stellar) Gravitation, UA was appealing, but I found it to lack much needed explanatory power, but it seems gravity as we know it would likely be more like a self contained 'force' on Earth that governs the celestial bodies. The double torsion subquark string explanation is likely in the top most advanced explanations that we can see at the moment for flat earth. Basically, gravity as we know it is pressure (not a 'force' by definition) applied by double torsion subquark strings. Subquarks are basically bosons and anti-bosons (commonly regarded as one of the two classes of particles with Fermions), strings of them, that rotate at high speeds to create a double vortex 'tornado-like' pattern. This is what gives the force of 'gravity' as we know it by traveling a double torsion pattern. Across Earth, the Double Torsion forces are quite close to being constant (with the exception of anomalies of course), so the level of the surface is in the same direction across, able to sustain a flat surface. This also works the stellar gravity.

Sandokhan advocates for this uniquely (other planarists don't), and so I would like Sandokhan to explain to me and others how this works. I have a few questions for Sandokhan if they don't mind answering:

How are these double torsion forces created (why the earth for example)? Why are the celestial bodies specifically orbiting according to them?

Why are there slight differing accelerations due to 'gravity' across the Earth (Gravitational anomalies)?

Does this double torsion pressure force decrease with altitude? And if so, does it follow a inverse square law?

Does this explain the Cavendish experiment effect?

Is there any basic formulas explaining this force and it's variables?

Are strings in this concept like 1 dimensional make-up of string theory?

What more information do you got on it for sources?

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