Solar Eclipse 8 (21) August 2017

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Solar Eclipse 8 (21) August 2017
« on: April 30, 2017, 11:51:16 AM »
Putting this out in case anyone wanted to observe a total eclipse of the sun as it's not an opportunity that happens everyday.

This will occur on a monday, and the shadow will evidently travel across the United States from west to east - in the opposite direction of the sun and moon (as the sun overtakes the moon).

The shadow will travel westward from the Oregon Pacific Coast headed east southeast over Salem, Oregon and Nashville, TN through South Carolina to the Atlantic Ocean.

I plan to observe the eclipse from Salem, Oregon and avoid the Pacific coast since clouds are highly possible west of the costal mountains.

Accomodations for this particular day located anywhere in the full shadow of the eclipse have been reserved months in advance. Many hotel rooms and campsites are now going for $600.

One of the more informative websites:
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Re: Solar Eclipse 8 (21) August 2017
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 :) I will be viewing this from St. Joseph Missouri. Cannot wait!!