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Fable Accepted as Reality
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Fable Accepted as Reality - International "Space" Station


2 Timothy 4:3-4:  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.  And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

The "International Space Station" is an unoriginal hoax.  NASA videos and photographs of this station are filmed on the Earth at a studio designed to imitate a station in space.

An earlier form of space station propaganda, the Skylab hoax was perpetrated in 1974.   The Viking Mars lander propaganda which began in 1975 and 1976 was accompanied by the Star Wars space propaganda of CIA agent George Lucas which subconsciously focused much of the public's mind away from suspicious thought concerning the reality of these events.  

'Cultural Cold War:  The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters'
by Frances Stonor Saunders

Demonic Manifestation in the Modern World
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Demonic Manifestation in the Modern World

  This post is an agglomeration of previous artıcles concerning UFO's.  These articles will later be edited into a more proper sequence.  
Seraphim Rose

  A Russian Orthodox priest by the name of Seraphim Rose hit the nail on the head in 1975 when he wrote that UFO's are not a hoax.  Simply stated, UFO's are demons.  

  Many conservative protestants deny that UFO's exist at all and that UIFO's are an assinine hoax.  The good thing about this point of view is that it discourages contact and interaction and interest with UFO's.  AS UFO's are certainly an evil thing to be avoided.  They are real however.  Demons can take many forms.  They take those which will be the most deeptive to modern men.  IT is the same demonic being whether he is imitating a ghost or a dead person at a seance or even imitating a dead relative to someone having an out of body experience in order to deceive the person.  Orthodox Christian literature is full of accounts of demons involved in deceptions and taking false outward forms.  Most of the accounts of UFO's and UFO abductions bear many of the same characteristics as those of demonic encounters in OrthodoxChristian as well as non-Orthodox literature.  In UFO accounts, often a feeling of great cold as well as a horrible stench is often encountered.  This is often the case with demonic encounters in Ortohodox literature.  "Aliens" are always hostile to Christian Orthodoxy.  This is true when supernatural beings are encountered in non-Christian literature.  In a specific early nıneteenth century Buddhist account similar to "alien abduction," a "wise old man" told his young Chinese disciple that a land to the north has many images of a Cross and also images of a Woman with a Child.   This "old man" told his deceived disciple that such images were evil.  It is obvious that the images were Christian ikons, and the land to the north was Russia.  The fact of the matter ıs that demons hate Christian Orthodoxy, but not Buddhism.

  In the fourteenth century, a Russian Orthodox priest placed his son in a monastery (a married Christian man can become a priest, but not a monk, in Christian Orthodoxy).  Soon afterward a demon physically took the boy to a far away place.  The demon was soon forced to return the boy through the priest´s prayers, but the priest was so scared after what had happened that he removed the boy from that monastery.

  The point is that "alien" abduction is nothing new, but it is becoming more common.  That demonic manifestations and abductions are increasing in frequency indicate that demonic power in the world is increasing.  Most people that have been abducted have become deceived into promoting peace and unity with "aliens."  The same goes for Steven Spielberg's movies such as "Close Encounters" and "ET."  It is no surprise that this director is Jewish as the Judaic religion and its Kabbalist aspects in particular has the keys to the occult sciences.

  One should be familiar with Orthodox literature like the Life of Saint Anthony or the Life of Saint Cyprian the Former Sorceror.   Identical phenomena exist in these and other stories from the Lives of the Saints.  A lack of traditional knowledge (especially Orthodox Christian literature) is a deficiency as far as the ability to analyze UFO's is concerned.

  UFO's are the subject of a lengthy chapter in Seraphim Rose's book "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future":
Alexey Young

  The following article by Alexey Young endorses the perspective that UFO's are demonic.  Young quotes Dr. Vallee as well as critically analysing the influence of Whitley Streiber, the most popular of the UFO promoters:

Rene Guenon

  The phenomenon most relevant to UFOs is the spiritualist movement of the nineteenth century which began about 1850 in Hyde Park, New York  and became a worldwide phenomenon within five years.  The nineteenth century spiritualist movement and its ghost phenomena is the predecessor of the modern "UFO" phenomenon as actual demons are actively involved in both cases, but the UFO phenomenon is a more advanced stage of the same disease.  Physical kidnappıng of persons by ghosts in the nineteenth century was not quite as frequent as so-called alien abductions are becoming, but such abductions by so-called ghosts did indeed take place.  This signifies that demonic manifestation is increasing towards the end of thıs age.  Rene Guenon wrote definitive histories of both spiritualist occultism and the Theosophical Society:

Dr. J. Allen Hynek


  Dr. Vallee's mentor was Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the astronomer chosen to monitor the progress of the US attempt to launch a satellite in 1956 as preparatory for the 'International Geophysical Year 1957-1958' and which was concurrent with the Soviet Sputnik satellite which occured later in the year.

  Dr. Hynek did not believe in UFO's at the time and considered the plausibility of their existence ridiculous, but the following interview is indicative of why he came to change his mind in the following years:

Eventually, however, after examining hundreds of UFO reports over the decades (including some made by credible witnesses, including astronomers, pilots, police officers, and military personnel) Hynek concluded that some reports represented genuine new empirical observations. When the UFO reports continued at a steady pace, Hynek devoted some time to studying the reports and determined that some were deeply puzzling, even after considerable study.


In a 1985 interview, when asked what caused his change of opinion, Hynek responded, "Two things, really. One was the completely negative and unyielding attitude of the Air Force. They wouldn't give UFOs the chance of existing, even if they were flying up and down the street in broad daylight. Everything had to have an explanation. I began to resent that, even though I basically felt the same way, because I still thought they weren't going about it in the right way. You can't assume that everything is black no matter what. Secondly, the caliber of the witnesses began to trouble me. Quite a few instances were reported by military pilots, for example, and I knew them to be fairly well-trained, so this is when I first began to think that, well, maybe there something to all this. "

Another shift in Hynek's opinion came after conducting an informal poll of his astronomer colleagues, including Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered the planet Pluto. Of 44 astronomers, five (over 11 per cent) had seen aerial objects that they could not account for with established, mainstream science. Most of these astronomers had not widely shared their accounts for fear of ridicule, or of damage to their reputations or careers. Hynek also noted that this 11% figure was, according to most polls, greater than those in the general public who claimed to have seen UFOs. Furthermore, the astronomers were presumably more knowledgeable about observing and evaluating the skies than laymen, so their observations were arguably more impressive.  Hynek was distressed by what he regarded as the dismissive or arrogant attitude of many mainstream scientists towards UFO reports and witnesses.

 The April, 1953 issue of The Journal of the Optical Society of America printed Hynek's article, "Unusual Aerial Phenomena", which contained what would become perhaps Hynek's best known statement: "RIDICULE IS NOT PART OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, AND PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE TAUGHT THAT IT IS.  THE STEADY FLOW OF REPORTS, OFTEN MADE IN CONCERT BY RELIABLE OBSERVERS, RAISES QUESTIONS OF SCIENTIFIC OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY."

  In 1973, Hynek founded the Centre For UFO Studies (CUFOS):
Dr. Jacques Vallee

  The most distinguished authoritaty on UFOs in the world is the erudite French researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee.  Dr. Vallee has studied and wrıtten books about UFOs since the 1960s.  One of his most significant books  is "Messengers of Deception" (1979) as it expounds his overall analysis of UFO's.  He publicly presented a report on the UFO phenomenon to United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim in 1978.  He is acknowledged and respected throughout the world as an authority in the field of UFO research.  Vallee is an ikon amöng UFO buffs.  The French scientist in the 1975 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind is based upon the real lıfe person Dr. Jacques Vallee.  Significantly, Dr. Vallee's research agrees with most UFO buffs that UFO's are real and confirms the view of many traditional Orthodox Christians that UFO'S ARE NOT EXTRATERRESTRIAL BUT EMANATE FROM THIS WORLD.  Dr. Vallee is not an Orthodox Christian.  He does not reason from a religious perspective and yet comes to the same conclusions with respect to UFO phenomena that many traditional Orthodox Christians have.  Significantly, Vallee also finds that the phenomena connected wıth UFO's and ghosts are usually identical.  The following link is an interview of Dr. Jacques Vallee concerning the reality of UFO's:

Charles Upton

  Author Charles Upton became familiar with such Orthodox Christian literature and came to the same conclusion about Vallee's research.  His conclusion is contained a short but astute and well researched book he wrote entitled 'Cracks in the Great Wall':

 Alien abductions, or physical kidnapping of people by demons (aliens) actually happens.  This genuine reality has been incresing in frequency.  Willfull ignorance of this fact is not scientific, and the genuine explanation of the phenomenon is that UFO reports are real and signify an increase of demonic activity towards the end of this age.  

  In the sky, or underheaven, are innumerable hordes of demons arranged in remarkable order.  Like a military, they are arranged in divisions, each division specialising in a type of sin.  It is a ladder from earth to heaven.  When a person dies, they must ascend this ladder.  Passing a particular toll house gets them to the next rung.  At each toll house, demons break out lists and scrolls which have recorded upon them every sin the person ever did in their entire life. The demons proceed to mke accusations inorder for the angels bearing a person to surrender the person to them that they may bear it away to hell.

  Remember that when we sin it is our own self that actually commits the act (whether it is an evil deed, word, or even thought) reguardless of it being suggested to us.  Whenever we sin, a demon always records the deed into a book.  This is why confession to a priest is so important as the erasing of the things recorded in a book is like unto snakes coming out of a confessor's mouth (which is a good thing) - a purification - and this is what happens when a Christian confesses his sins wholeheartedly and with tears to an Orthodox Christian priest.  Confession of sins in individual prayer is commendable, but the idea that it entalis forgiveness of those sins by God (with out a priest is a demonic lie.  If you don't believe me, I suppose you will just have to find out for yourself.  Confession made to an Orthodox Christian priest carries power, even in the unfortunate unlikeliness the priest is wicked (to quell any questions).  Does mud dirty the sunlight that shines on it?

  One other thing - souls of peple who were never Christians at all or who were habitual and unrepentant sinners actually do not have to go through the toll houses.  A pair of demons usually take such peole directly to hell as soon as they exit their bodies.  

  The Toll Houses are for Christians alone, and passage through them is the only way to avoid eternal torment.

  I realize this sounds strict, and one may ask about those who never heard the Gospel or went to the wrong church, et cetera to which I reply that he to whom less was taught receives less lashes than he who knew better and still went wayward anyway.

  There are eamples of individuals (even if sometimes uncommon) of persons throughout world history who not having come from a Christian or Godly background overcame many obstacles and ended their days in the company of the righteous instead of those whose society they were born into.  At the Final Judgment at the end of the age, the existence of such persons will be a testimony against any of those persons who claim they never had a chance.  The wise know that earthly life is the chance.

There is a Way.

By the way, hope is good.   On the other hand, despair is not only bad - it is a sin which is willfuly committed.

No matter how much modern men may scoff at the toll houses, they will not escape having to go through them
- Theophan the Recluse

Aerial Toll Houses

Here is a link to the essay itself which is followed by explanations (longer than the text itself) point by point including quotes of scripture and Church Fathers who have written on it.  Also included is a list of saints whose lives contain reference to the toll houses:

  And here is a book on the subject written relatively recently which also describes the difference between Orthodox Christian views of demonology and the occult including actual out of body experiences (where the soul temporarily leaves the body but returns before death sets in like in critical hospital situations, astral travelling, et cetera) and contrasts these with those of other religions like hinduism, buddhism, protestantism, and certain secular philosophies and demonstrates those characteristics which unite all these latter.  But like a lightning rod, the overriding theme is the toll houses and the subject of the salvation of the soul:

One of the appendices of the book has the epistle of Saint Mark of Ephesus repudiating papism at the Council of Florence demonstrating the difference between the toll houses and purgatory; but what caught my mind about reading that appendice was that similarity that catholic thought of the 1400's bore to Lutheranism when compared with Orthodoxy.

  One of the most striking things about the Toll Houses is that after one realizes that the Orthodox teaching about them is real, the philosophy of many fundamentalist protestants that "once saved-always saved" is obliterated.  

A Description of the First 40 Days After Death

by Fr. John Maximovitch

Limitless and without consolation would have been our sorrow for close ones who are dying, if the Lord had not given us eternal life. Our life would be pointless if it ended with      . What benefit would there then be from virtue and good deed? Then they would be correct who say: "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!"

But man was created for immortality, and by His resurrection Christ opened the gates of the Heavenly Kingdom, of eternal blessedness for those who have believed in Him and have lived righteously. Our earthly life is a preparation for the future life, and this preparation ends with our      . "It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment" (Heb 9:27). Then a man leaves all his earthly cares; the body disintegrates, in order to rise anew at the General Resurrection. Often this spiritual vision begins in the dying even before      , and while still seeing those around them and even speaking with them, they see what others do not see. [1]

But when it leaves the body, the soul finds itself among other spirits, good and bad. Usually it inclines toward those which are more akin to it in spirit, and if while in the body it was under the influence of certain ones, it will remain in dependence upon them when it leaves the body, however unpleasant they may turn out to be upon encountering them. [2]

For the course of two days the soul enjoys relative freedom and can visit places on earth which were dear to it, but on the third day it moves into other realms. [3] At this time (the third day), it passes through legions of evil spirits which obstruct its path and accuse it of various sins, to which they themselves had tempted it.

According to various revelations there are twenty such obstacles, the so-called "toll-houses," at each of which one or another form of sin is tested; after passing through one the soul comes upon the next one, and only after successfully passing through all of them can the soul continue its path without being immediately cast into gehenna. How terrible these demons and their toll-houses are may be seen in the fact that Mother of God Herself, when informed by the Archangel Gabriel of Her approaching      , answering her prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself appeared from heaven to receive the soul of His Most Pure Mother and conduct it to heaven. Terrible indeed is the third day for the soul of the departed, and for this reason it especially needs prayers then for itself. [4]

Then, having successfully passed through the toll-houses and bowed down before God, the soul for the course of 37 more days visits the heavenly habitations and the abysses of hell, not knowing yet where it will remain, and only on the fortieth day is its place appointed until the resurrection of the     . [5] Some souls find themselves (after the forty days) in a condition of foretasting eternal joy and blessedness, and others in fear of the eternal torments which will come in full after the Last Judgment. Until then changes are possible in the condition of souls, especially through offering for them the      less Sacrifice (commemoration at the Liturgy), and likewise by other prayers. [6]

  Demons have existed longer than the Earth (which is 7514 years as per the Septuagint) because these fallen angels were created as angels.  Lucıfer ıs the leader of these fallen angels.

  There are similarites in both demons and aliens as well as people who have had contact with these such beings, but people have perhaps changed more than the demons have as men have become less wise and more gullible to the same old tricks.  Demons have always taken differing external forms, usually the form that is most convincing.

  There is no other way whatsoever for anyone to be with God or go to Heaven than to go through this way (the Toll Houses).  This is the only way.
  Hell is different than the Lake of Fire.  Hell is only a prison (in the lower parts of the earth) where souls wait until the Final Judgment.  It is possible for certain souls to be released from this place until the Final Judgment with through prayers of Christians and saints whom they implore and Orthodox Christian services for the dead.


Gemini Astronaut Gordon Cooper's Confirmation of NASA's Interaction With UFO's
'Leap of Faith' by Gordon Cooper

CIA Disinformation / Suppression of genuine information concerning UFO's

CIA provision of a shaved monkey (as a fake alien) at Roswell to buttress belief in aliens from "outer space" and belief in false heliocentric and globularist cosmography

CIA Infiltration of Serious UFO Investigation Organizations


Prophecies of Saint Andrew the Fool & Saint Simeon the New Theologian Concerning the Departure of the Cross of the Christ From this World and Unrestrained Demonic Manifestation