13 month calendar: The erased rules of the God

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13 month calendar: The erased rules of the God
« on: April 10, 2017, 01:46:44 AM »
Hello guys.

Yaakov ben Avraham's topic make me remember about this issue.

There was 13 month and one of them was forbidden month. In the time by time, One of the months, probably the "forbidden month" was erased.

Month starts in March 21. March is the meaning of starting. You run the car by pushing to march. The army takes action by command of the march. Usually the march is a start. In eastern culture, March 21 is considered the first day of the year.  The last "cemre" (an atmospheric event) falls and the summer begins in the march 21.

And the february is the last month of the year. If you pay attention, bissextile day of the year is always added to the month of february. Because it is the last one as traditionally.

The months should be 28 days as reality then; 28x13= 364 days and +1 forbid day= 365 days occurs for a year.

I searched for the internet for a 13 month historical calendar. These are my best founds:

13 Months of the Jewish Year

The "first month" of the Jewish calendar is the month of Nissan, in the spring, when Passover occurs. However, the Jewish New Year is in Tishri, the seventh month, and that is when the year number is increased. This concept of different starting points for a year is not as strange as it might seem at first glance. The American "new year" starts in January, but the new "school year" starts in September, and many businesses have "fiscal years" that start at various times of the year. Similarly, the Jewish calendar has different starting points for different purposes.

The 13 month Jewish calendar has the following months:

Month / Length / Gregorian Equivalent

Nissan   30 days   March-April
Iyar   29 days   April-May
Sivan   30 days   May-June
Tammuz   29 days   June-July
Av   30 days   July-August
Elul   29 days   August-September
Tishri   30 days   September-October
Heshvan   29 or 30 days   October-November
Kislev   30 or 29 days   November-December
Tevet   29 days   December-January
Shevat   30 days   January-February
Adar   29 or 30 days   February-March
Adar II   29 days   March-April




As we see that a year is longer than 365 days. Year starts with Nissan (March april). This calendar overlaps with our theory year should start with March 21.

Egypian and Ethiopenian calendars contain 13 months.

Egyptian   Ethiopian   Start Date (regular)   Start Date (leap year)
Thuout   Meskerem   11 Sept   12 Sept
Paopi   Tikemet   11 Oct   12 Oct
Athor   Hidar   10 Nov   11 Nov
Khoiak   Tahesas   10 Dec   11 Dec
Tobi   Tir   9 Jan   10 Jan
Mekhir   Yekatit   8 Feb   9 Feb
Fameno or Baramhat   Megabit   10 Mar   -
Farmou or Baramouda   Miyaza   9 Apr   -
Pakhon   Ginbot   9 May   -
Paony   Sene   8 Jun   -
Epep   Hamle   8 Jul   -
Mesori   Nehase   7 Aug   -
Nasie   Pagume   6 Sep


There is a suggest for "fixed calendar".


But I did not like it because doesn't start with March 21.

Viking Calendar has 13 months.

Norse Season   Norse Month (English)   Time period   Norse Month (Icelandic)   Comments
Winter   Slaughter Month   14. October – 13. November   Gormánuđur   
Winter   Ýlir/Jólnir: One of Odin’s, the “Allfather’s” names   14. November – 13. December   Ýlir   Christmas month
Winter   Bone Marrow Sucking   14. December – 12. January   Mörsugur   ”Mör”: Bone marrow or fat. Important to survive Scandinavian winters.
Winter   Black Frost   13. January – 11. February   Ţorri   Norse mythical winter figure, son of “Snow”. Also men’s month
Winter   Daughter of Ţorri   12. February – 13. March   Gói, góa, gjř   Women’s month
Winter   One-Month   14. March – 13. April   Einmánuđur   Men’s month
Summer   Cockoo’s Month/ Unknown mythical figure   14. April – 13. May   Gaukmánuđur/ Harpa   Women’s month
Summer   Unknown woman mythical figure’s name   14. May – 12. June   Skerpla   
Summer   Sun’s Month   13. June – 12. July   Sólmánuđur   
Summer   Haymaking Month/ Worm’s month   13. July – 14. August   Heyannir/ Ormamánuđur   
Summer   Two-Months/ Corn Cutting Month   15. August – 14. September   Tvímánuđur/ Kornskurđarmánuđur   
Summer   Autumn Month   15. September – 13. October   Haustmánuđur   
?   Late Month      Silđimánuđur   The 13th month


As we see that the "erased month" seems like clearly. "Silđimánuđur" . It is after 13 October and before 14 october. So we can think the other months are expanded to erase it. We historically knows that Vikings and Turks have a relationship by historically. "Silđimánuđur" means in Turkish: "silgi"+"man"+"uğur". means "eraser+man+luck". My estimate is that month were thinkied as bad luck and erased. It is possible big flood of the earth were occurred on that month. Anyway.

In jewish calendar the "erased month" seems like Adar (February-march) and according to Viking calendar it seems like "Silđimánuđur" October-November. So which one is true?

We should continue our researches in this regard.
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Re: 13 month calendar: The erased rules of the God
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