You Intellectuals Should Really Look At Your Lives Closely

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Re: You Intellectuals Should Really Look At Your Lives Closely
« Reply #120 on: May 18, 2017, 08:37:45 PM »
When will you shills realize that your presence here is like our lack of a presence on the moon....

The longer you stay here, the more evident it becomes that you have ultierior motives.

Just like the more time passes that mankind has not returned to the moon, the more obvious it gets that it was a hoax!

Have you stared at it closely enough, for long enough?

Re: You Intellectuals Should Really Look At Your Lives Closely
« Reply #121 on: May 19, 2017, 09:40:49 PM »
Hello all-

I rarely come by these parts as it is mostly a collection of little boys who use so-called science, Wikipedia and consensus belief as fact while trying to be smart by arguing the shape of the earth with those who they feel are far less intellectually capable then themselves. So, to those Globe believers that have 100-200 posts, I can see that. You come here, you make a few points, debunk a few claims... makes sense.

This post however, is to the Globe Believer out there who has any number higher than 500 under their name. Honestly, you need to immediately look at your life and the way you spend your time as it is a sad indicator of your perceived intelligence. I see constant name calling and building yourselves up like you are some kind of intellectual. Ask yourself, why in the world you would spend your time on a forum for flat-tards as you call them? What could possibly be the motivation? Do you also run track against people in wheelchairs and have eating competitions against toddlers. Wow, you ate more hot dogs than that 2 year old? Impressive. Won that swim meet against the lady with no arms? Well aren't your parents proud!

Is that really the best you can do?  Debate those who you think are ignorant and the scum of the world?  You chose the forum full of what you consider ignorant flat earth fools to flex your intellectual muscles?  I am really impressed. Tell me, where can I find the next NY Yankees vs. The Inner City of Chicago Little League game? Should be a barn burner. Seems to me you guys secretly doubt your own beliefs and this place makes you feel all warm and cozy. This way you can sleep well at night and think of Elon Musk stroking your hair gently. Good night sweet prince... don't forget to say your prayers! "I thank the big bang for everything, thanks stellar theory and gravity for holding me down. Thanks St. Newton for telling us how a cannon would work if we shot it too far, not far enough and most importantly, if we shot it just right!  Thanks for all the wonderful things in orbit and all NASA has provided the human race. Thanks Arthur C. Clarke for giving NASA your satellite ideas and thanks to the the big blue globe for pulling us all to the center. Thanks amoeba for evolving into me. Thanks star dust for creating schools to indoctrinate me and thank you most for flat earthers so I can feel smart by referring to facts that men say are true and I really trust them. In the name of The Physics, The Sun and the Holy Peer Reviewed Journals -  Ahhhh men!"

Mate the chutzpah of that sentiment is incredible. 500 plus posts containing facts isn't the problem here - you've done 85 posts in which you claim the Earth is flat.. That's crazy right there.

You realise (by which I mean you probably don't realise) that you've compared your intellectual ability unfavourably with a physical handicap there.. I'm not saying you're wrong it's just unusual when you're claiming that you're the clever one.