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How Did You Come To Believe In A Flat Earth?

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How Did You Come To Believe In A Flat Earth?
« on: October 27, 2016, 02:53:06 PM »
I came to believe in a flat earth, because I was convinced that the earth wasn't spinning and I kept seeing videos of flat earth associated with a stationary earth.  I kind of resented that, because I thought it was making stationary earth look crazy.  After a while though I gave in and watched some of the videos.  Eventually, I started trying experiments on my own and could see that a lot of it made sense.  For example, something falling off a table and hitting the floor could be explained by a lot of other things, besides "gravity."  And that was easy to accept for me, because a stationary earth had already got me thinking about that.  You know, if the earth isn't spinning at a thousand miles per hour, you don't have to worry about flying off of it!  lol 

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Re: How Did You Come To Believe In A Flat Earth?
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2016, 11:51:19 AM »
Almost everybody acts as i'm crazy when they hear i say "the earth is not a spinnig ball. Not spinning and not a ball". It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom. So it is hard to convince them. But when i try to convice somebody, after i talked usually they change their mind as confuse. Because i don't see anybody can defence one of main argument about diffusion. More altitude gravity decreases but suddenly occurs diffusion is a really strong power; so how atmospher resist to difuses to the space. This question has no answer. I recommend to ask this question first for all discussings.

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Re: How Did You Come To Believe In A Flat Earth?
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2016, 03:23:50 AM »
My friends and family understand my point of view. Or at least tolerate that. I will not tolerate a bigot to be among my friend, nor my family.
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Re: How Did You Come To Believe In A Flat Earth?
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2017, 08:30:15 PM »
I believed the earth was flat since 1996 when I first read the original and more compact (1849?) edition of Rowbotham's 'Earth Not a Globe'. 

This was in the context of a vaster search for spiritual truth and for a Church since 1992 and which by 1999 had narrowed to the Eastern Orthodox Churches by process of elimination.

What led me to Rowbotham's book at that time when it was far less well known was a Protestant bible commentary given to me in 1994. A passage discussing the travel of the sun on its circuit in Ecclesiastes 1:5 which was embarrassed about the bible apparently being out of touch with modern astronomy made me highly offended. I was not especially interested in astronomy before that, but I became a geocentrist that evening because I could not tolerate that from someone who claims to believe the bible inerrant and dares to teach about it. I wanted no part with such cowardice.

Afterwards, I sought out spherical geocentrists as flat earth was not even a consideration and seemed beyond extreme, but Charles Johnson's flat earth society was the only thing I could find remotely related. So I finally began to check it out and follow its leads which led me to Rowbotham's book by 1996.