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Re: Hewia
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Was the misspelling of Heiwa's  name as Hewia  deliberate or incompetent?

I think Heiwa is a fruitcake of the first order,  and can be highly entertaining,  but must not be taken seriously under any circumstances...   :)

Live and let live.

Deliberate. Bad spelling seems to annoy him



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Re: Hewia
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I must say that it has taken a long time for me to tell you that I am "Hewia."
It has been great fun pulling the piss out of all of you here.
But here is a bigger surprise?
Oh No, I hear you say.......
Yes, I'm also Papa Legba........
John, you paid well......
His arguments and logic are the worst that I have ever encountered….. It is so bad that a sort of grandeur creeps into it. It drags itself out of the dark abysm of pish and crawls inanely up the topmost pinnacle of posh. It is rumble and bumble. It is flap and doo.