Hey fellow souls

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Hey fellow souls
« on: June 14, 2016, 11:29:12 PM »
Hi everyone my name is Brett I go  by Tholo, I am an avid flat earther I can't even say I believe the earth is flat because I know it it, it's so obvious, I am doing my part to get the truth out there but I believe it will be easier and easier the more it goes, Mass consciousness is a real thing and when the more of us know this it will be easier to pass the word on, the order of this plane of existence will return to its natural state, I will die knowing this is the truth about our sacred land, this has changed me so much as a person, and knowing this is Key to the rest of the world having peace and tranquility and I will save every soul I can and release them from their shackles that the masters of this world have embraced upon these poor souls.


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Re: Hey fellow souls
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Glad to have you here! Welcome to the fray!
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Re: Hey fellow souls
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