The Southern Cross as the strongest argument against FE

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Re: The Southern Cross as the strongest argument against FE
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See thats why I have some sense of sympathy for the flat earth people, because I come here trying to get involved in a discussion and when you say UFO people think you're lying or delusional.  I'm not going to describe it to you and I know a handful of others that have had similar experiences, some in groups.  So if the flat earth is a lie so are UFOs?  So is everything you haven't pissed on physically?  Doesn't the earth being round in a giant universe increase the supposed likelihood of UFOs?  You know most governments actually release their UFO information publically unlike America.  So governments lie about that but not about Antarctica?  Before I got stuck looking at flat earth shit for giggles I just got done reading universe from nothing, I skimmed over two words and people can't handle it..  I'm not here because I'm a barbarian I just enjoy discussions.  If you guys were as brilliant as you claim to be you wouldn't be hovering over a message board.

Made an account just to ask this extremely simple question that will never be answered. If you have seen a UFO, and interpret that as aliens from another planet, and you also think the Earth may be flat with a dome covering it, then where did the aliens come from?

Edit: One of these conspiracies is automatically a lie. Pick one, you can't have both.