ressurection of a man not a god.

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ressurection of a man not a god.
« on: April 15, 2016, 12:04:50 AM »
Hey i am David and i am 16 years old, i know i might seem to young for all of you to take seriously but please read what i have to say.
I am originally from Egypt and simple stuff such as helping someone at the hospital can be presented to people like a miracle.Anyway here is a story that literally made the people want to burn the hospital down. So a very old man was at the hospital and he was a father of 3 children, he started having a lot of heart attacks, and after couple of months he had a heart failure, after  three seconds of of death the doctors managed to get his heart back into pumping blood, after three days his heart stopped working again and he was put on a machine for three months. his heart was pumping and his hair continued to grow, after couple of more months the children agreed to cut him of life supply, and that's when he was considered dead. What made the people angry is that they felt that the children went against the will of god by keeping him on life supply and then removing him, the people said that only god should keep someone alive or take his life.

My question is when did the grandpa die first.

this is my answer, we can't control when a spirit leaves a body but we sure can control if a body remains functioning and regrowing cells, the functionality of the body can remain stable in a lab and under machines but that doesn't mean that there is a spirit in it. there for scientifically the grandpa died the moment they took the body of life supply because that's when the cells stopped working and the body stopped functioning, how ever ethically the grandpa could've been dead days or even months before they removed him off life supple and that's because his spirit wasn't present in the body.

do you agree on my answer??????



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Re: ressurection of a man not a god.
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2016, 01:45:56 PM »
Don't know if you are still here. Since nobody(?) knows what a spirit is or if there even is one, your question is obviously either futile or unanswerable.

Yet in my country we have the tradition, that human spirit can leave the body even when he is still alive, and does so frequently. For Muslims or Christians this probably sounds rather odd, but I grew up with such ideas.

Should this be true, it left the body probably as soon as he lost consciousness. But the man died, when the body died, not when the spirit left him.