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Simulation theory proof - 2
« Reply #150 on: January 21, 2019, 12:51:21 AM »

I've chosed the following image for examination. Because it represants how shadow of sun works.

In this view, we see how shadow of sun works. It works as it at ground level, like the following shape. I'll simplify it wor you get.

This is about how shadows of the sun works. Whereever your observation point be, but shadow of the sun is always opposite of the direction of the sun according your point of view, as explained in the drawing.

Now we will expand the subject a little and add a second, imaginary sun.

I've marked the shadow directions as following shape:

In here, we have to examine the angles of shadows, and our angle with two suns.

First, the angle of shadows:

135 degrees.

Now, examine the angle of suns to point of view:

About 90 degrees. So, shadows have to create an angle 90 degrees, but they have 135 degrees, because of caused point of view. If we would examined the furthes car, the directions of shadows of those two cars arrive throuth about 180 degrees opposite.

90 degrees ≠ isn't equal to 135 degrees. So that, our sun causes wrong shadows, that we've examined it earlier. It causes a shadow as line, but it has to be cause different direction.

Simulation theory has been proven. This sun and its shadow can not be real. The earth is created as 2D shape and somebody gave it some datas contain 3D knowledge. But it does not work for shadows of the sun. Damn cheap materials!

Now, why are we different?

I'm here, as a smart man, like thousands of people in the world, can get my explanation. But there are numerically more than us people outside will not get this explanation and do not aware of this fact. This, real* sun shadow is not convincing for me. But it perhaps convincing for almost the rest of the world.

Sun shadows work wrong but it is convincing for others, because if it was otherwise, this time we would be convinced but other almost everybody would not be convinced. Therefore, this sun shadow mistake has been created for convince the large majority, but not for us. So this world is created for large majority. Inother say, this world is created for idiots, not for us. I don't know why we are here.

Zeta came, Zeta saw, Zeta conquered.

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Jesus or Joshua. Same or different? Where is his / are their graveyard/s?
« Reply #151 on: February 06, 2019, 03:21:33 AM »
We know he has dead, resurrected and gone. So, we have to have a graveyard shows where he dead, right? In this working, we'll search this place and hopefully, will find it.  :)

Turkey, is a country related with the earlier times of christianity more than you think.

First I want to mention the Iznik (Nicea) counsil. You can find out English sources by search it as (Nicea counsil, 325) To understand Turkey's relationship, first you have to know about this counsil. Counsil has been gathere by accession of 2048 Bishops. After first sounsil, Constantin has created a second one contains 318 Bishops.

In short, christians was under pressure and persecution during past 300 years in Rome (Istanbul). But after Constantin becomes the king, since he like the christianity and turns a christian then tries to correct somethings wrong.

First we have to read the opening speech of Constantin, the King of Rome in Iznik counsil. Constantin, Iznik, AC 325.

"My friends, being in such a togetherness and fellowship with you all was my greatest prayer. As I see you all together, I owe my thanks to our Lord of Kings for being in consensus and accepting my prayers. Now, since the tyrants and tyrants' war against God is abolished by the power of God, our rescuer, let us not allow our envious and evil enemies to destroy our peace and abundance with their heresies! For me, the division of the Church of God is far worse than any cruel war or worldly torment!" Emperor Constantin, Nicea (near Istanbul) AC,325

There are many resources available about this study. I want to share some notes from the result statement.

"Everything is created the reason of him, and he has descended from heavens to save us". Okay.

"He has took a body by holy sould and virgin Mary". Okay.

"He has crucified for us by order of Pontius Pilatus, then dead and buried".

As how religional texts write, he has resurrected 3 days after. There is no doubt about this.

We are believing the holly soul came from God

Anyways. Those are actually not so wrong according to islamic perspective too. But some claims Jesu's being son of God what we deny. Because according to islam, God is so, denies every kind of equalition near him, does not likes someone are seemed like him, so and so. Anyways. Lets look what quran writes about this counsil.

Okay. We're passing this discussing and focusing on the issue of; Joshuas. How many Joshua is there?

Son of nun?

Son of Mary?

Are they same?

Just a remind, who is the Joshua:

"After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ aide: 2 “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them—to the Israelites. (Joshua 1,2)"

Joshua is the son of Nun, and king of Israel. Now;

I want to show you Jesu's denying being the king of Israel, and his dying is directly related with people think he claim being the king of Israel. We'll came a very interesting point. Lets continue to watch:

John: 18:29 - 18:37

29 So Pilate came out to them and asked, “What charges are you bringing against this man?”

30 “If he were not a criminal,” they replied, “we would not have handed him over to you.”

31 Pilate said, “Take him yourselves and judge him by your own law.”

“But we have no right to execute anyone,” they objected. 32 This took place to fulfill what Jesus had said about the kind of death he was going to die.

33 Pilate then went back inside the palace, summoned Jesus and asked him, “Are you the king of the Jews?”

34 “Is that your own idea,” Jesus asked, “or did others talk to you about me?”

35 “Am I a Jew?” Pilate replied. “Your own people and chief priests handed you over to me. What is it you have done?”

36 Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

37 “You are a king, then!” said Pilate.

Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

As we clearly see that, this is not the Joshua who was the leader of Israel. This is not the King of Israel. But people has confused him with Joshua the prophet, the leader of Israel. Because we have two men has sama name.

because of people have confused about them; so have decided Jesus is "false prophet" so that decided to kill him.

Now we'll see their graveyards.

This one is Joshua, the King of Israel, son of Nun's graveyard. Gaziantep, Turkey.

The writings on it: (Saint Joshua, prophet, and one more person together someone else)

Continue to examine his grave:

Introduction in entrance:

I want to translate: Saint Joshua is from Israilian family and nephew of the Saint Moses the prophet...many writings.. and the last part about his neighborhour, Pirsefa. According to writings, this is a martyr lived in the time of prophet Mohammad. After Pirsefa is dead, Saint Omar the groom of Mohammad has transferred his body from Arabia to digged him here and said "now you are the neighbor of a prophet". This is the story written in this tablet.

And this is another Joshua grave in Jordan:

Another Joshua monument, this one in Israel:

so far we saw 3 joshua tombs.

And the last one is Istanbul, beykoz.

I think that any one of them could be joshua's tomb, but this one should be joshua's tomb, which is jesus, because it resembles a more important structure that has a mystic environment compared to other prophets.

There are some inner tombs in monument other than Joshua's. Generally some servants were working in this monument. Yes, they are many workers at there. But these groups are quite different. Actually, mystereus.

This is not a type of islamic or christ type. These are really interesting seem like came from middle age some. These are more than an ordinary human graves, like for governors. In my opinion, some leaders of this region may preferred to rest near to Saint Joshua, seems logical to me.

Look at this:

The left one seems an islamic thomb stone. A high one, seems an important man. It can be. so what are others? They are tomb stones too. But what is this? A bird? Two things seem Are the hairpins in a woman's hair, or the eyes of a bird?

I see an alone king, or someone who people respect him like respecting to a king there. And you?


1) This working is published here: https://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum/index.php?topic=79511.0

2) I've gone there for once, a few months ago. I felt his spirituality was helping me. But I was thinking him being Saint Joshua, the son of Nun, but not the Jesus.  I'm plannig to visit him again but this time with a thinking with the possiblity him being the Joshua in the meaning of Jesus.

3) If you decide to visit a day, I want to warn you about dressing. For women, please close your hairs inside the cemetery. Otherwise seems badly. Nobody can blame you if you don't use any veiling, because Turkey is a seculer country. Even so it is one of the proprieties to visiting religional places in Turkey.

If I have to talk about general environment, so I can say that. Graveyard is in a forest, the highest hill of the Beykoz. It sees his Istanbul Bosphorus clearly, as you aware of the above photographes. There are some places to eat around because it is considered as a touristic place. A few local markets where you can buy tourist items are available at the entrance of the cemetery. you must go to the nearest place, center of Beykoz for the hotel. Since the facility is located in the forest, hiking can be done. but I'm not sure if it's forbidden. Since I've gone there with crowd includes childs I did not try it. But maybe trying it with one friend may be an interesting hiking.

Damn, barbed wires.

barbed wires mean it is forbid to enter the forest but I'm sure there may be some entrances because there are villages around. It perhaps to prevent tourists enter the forest. So we are not? We are not tourist, we are local, right? ;)
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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
« Reply #152 on: February 06, 2019, 05:25:36 AM »
A new video shows how Brian Cox has caught while escaping the questions and is a hoax

A clear evidence.

This post published here: https://www.theflatearthsociety.org/forum/index.php?topic=69098
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Saint Joshua visitings, Beykoz Istanbul
« Reply #153 on: February 06, 2019, 11:07:50 PM »
I did not took at camera the Joshua visiting. But there are some people did it. I don't know these people. Just I want to say, the place isn't good for hiking. Because I saw some military persons around the barbed wires with a military writing, so that I think the forest is meanwhile a military area.

A woman with her familiy, in Saint Joshua Hill., Beykoz.

This motor biker runs around and finishes atop Yusa, entrance of mausoleum. A very new one. As we see that, we can go there with our cars without any park problem. Everywhere is free to park and resting. And many places for eating. If your car is comfortable, you can park here and spend the night too. There is nothing around other than Joshua, his visitors and employees in this facility and employees around the facility. 99% Safe place.

And another visitor.

He may be really the Joshua the nephew of Moses, or may be Joshua the christ. As a result he seems an important man and visiting him maybe gives you a spiritual energy. At least, I felt that energy when I visited it last time. One and last. But I recommend everybody who close to visit that place. calm, peaceful, relaxed and mystical.

No, I am not working in advertisement office of Saint Joshua mausoleum, if you wonder.  8)
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Why did China become the leader?
« Reply #154 on: February 12, 2019, 12:24:45 AM »
This process is the result of the American policies.

I've no longer believe USA's trying to bring anything good for any country. Their political analysts and politicians even say this. they make internal turmoil in other countries and are destroying democracy in those countries. and in the meantime, millions of people die. The US works like a company and the only goal is to seize the resources in those countries. Will they be more happy when they take over the world? or is it technically possible to do so? I do not think so.

There is still a concept called "common sense" in the world. Americans thought meanwhile they were buying the common sense in the earth when they bought leaders around the world. but this is an illusion. There is a concept called spirituality in the world. There is a concept called "morality" in the world, which Americans do not have.

in terms of an American, "being demonic" is something to be praised. But this term is a shame in the rest of the world. therefore, when America continues its satanic policies in the rest of the world, this situation is receiving negative reactions in the rest of the world.

while America was terrorizing the rest of the world, she thought the world would never react, because she had the leaders under control. however, in other countries, such as France, peoples can force presidents to change policy. presidents, even if democracy is not exist around, they have to do sooner or later what people want. peoples see America's policy of supporting terrorism and leading the world into chaos. and in the rest of the world peoples are forcing their presidents to move away from America. this is an issue that I also stand beside. I think we should get closer with Russia and China. this is not only a built-in turkey thoughts, these thoughts have dominated the whole of Europe. it doesn't matter whether or not the American-controlled media is writing or not writing. People know everything through social media.

People in the entire world  do not want to see America be the leader anymore in the world. therefore, in the rest of the world, countries are going to be united against the America. This is an economic reaction for now, but it will soon be the key to the complete collapse of America.

We are not opposite of America. We are not opponent of American people. We are still resisting the American politics which is still trying to kill all of us. And I think we have came the end of American dreaming film. This is not a film in which the rest of the world is willingly involved. But there's nothing else to do. and America never tended to give up its stupid policies.

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God+wise vs Superior creator race!
« Reply #155 on: March 10, 2019, 08:45:41 AM »
As far as I get, we have simulated by a superior race. I want to talk about it a few. I'll tell a short story of humanity as far as I get. This will be a start, and then we'll enlarge the issue according to outside or inside discussings and new ideas.

According to simulation theory, the world's creators have not to be God. They can somebody else like human, or a superior race have an ability to create a virtual world. This is possible and easy.
We are praying. So, if we consider the simulation theory; so have we to pray to creators of the world whose are following us behing the monitor; or real God can hear us from everywhere.

In my opinion, there are some creators doing it, but even so we have to pray the God.

So; what is religional books, what are prophets. I want to start from here.

First we have to remember that our creators are a superior race whose are created by God. We do not understand this from the religious texts we read. we understand this, using our logic. must be a god and he must be one. perhaps this information is processed in this way our genetics, we think so, I'm not sure. but then our already existing consciousness says that there must be a god, if our consciousness is not trying to deceive us. This is already the strongest possibility.  I will start with the issue of there is a God and those who created us are superior race. all other possibilities are one in billion.

Then the superior race may be the race of Adam. This is not actually our race. I know you're having a momentary shock. however, logic and science suggest that this should be the case. there are a few strong reasons of this.

At the beginning of these reasons, the life of Adam is 10 times more than the average person. and his children lived so. they are a separate race, we have to accept this way. even the most advanced medical and technological advances show that the human being, who has lived for more than 100 years, is no longer a normal human function. that is, if you are also fully natural, if you create yourself an environment like that of Adam, you cannot exceed a certain number of years since it is the limit of cell renewal.

In fact, the main factor that determines the life span of a person is the number of cell regeneration. the capabilities of the human race are limited to certain numbers. the cell that passes this number dies. Since the cells begin to die, man has to die for a reason. this happens either in the bankrupt of an organ, or in the case of cancer or a heart attack. In fact, the cell renewal has stopped for human death began. this usually begins before the age of 100. It doesn't seem wise to accept that Adam who lived a thousand years is our relative.

In many sacred texts put forward that, different races live on earth and fight between them before mankind. From this point on, we can easily solve that Adam is one of these races and that he created us.

The basic principles laid down in all the sacred texts are the same. but at the same time, there is an environment in which man can break these rules. in principle, there is complete justice in the world, but in practice we cannot observe this situation.

therefore holy texts take the word of God as the source. but in all, the superior race that created this world made changes in its own view. I want to give a simple and well known example about it.

"Thou shall not kill". How many religional text mentioned this one? All of them. But we have to. When do we have to? When it is required. But the main order is simple, has not an additional knowledge. Because this is God's word. But conditions are not God's word. If God said you "Thou shall not kill" then you can not do it, even you want to do it. Because? Because it is God's order. Your power is lack in low to overcome it.

"Thou shall not kill". Okay. You are a lion, what you have to? You have to kill. Oh, they are not human, you say. In fact, all they are God's creatures are under same orders. Anyways. We are killing aminals for meal. We are constantly killing meal. What's happened to "Thou shall not kill"?. Oh, we have excuse. God does not mean animals. Okay. We are on war with terrorists, we are killing them. Oh, they are terrorists, we can kill them too. Okay. Syrian and Yemen people are not terrorists but we are killing them too. Wait, we have national interests. Do you see the problem? There are an excuse everytime. We are enlarging our excuse to by-passing the God's orders. He says it simple: "Thou shall not kill". It contains everything. But we are doing, because we have to. So that, this order is a general order but we are living on a customized world. I mean, God's order for real creatures, we are creatures too, but not so real as much as we think.

There is theoretically fairness in the world, isn't it? What does fairness include? Everything. if you did something correctly, the result should be correct. but our life is not like that. events that develop entirely outside of you decide whether you will be successful or not. Even if you comply with all traffic rules, someone who does not comply with the traffic rules may end your life. I think there's a lack of justice here.

See our leaders. like a joke. in a just world, the people capable of solving the problems of the world should have been leaders. thus, they solve all the problems of their own people and lived in peace with other peoples. but not so. whose has a bigger gun than the others, the person becomes the leader. in a just world, all of the leaders should be professors. these are the people who are in accordance with the character described by God in the texts. people who are constantly fighting, insulting people, people who are not the tyrannical people. God has not described it this way. hence, none of the present leaders are leaders described by God or chosed by God. but they are chosen by the race that created this world. This is the reason for their election. so they are barbarous, cruel, murderous, ugly people, unlike the recipe of God. none of these leaders has the character described by God.  only one of these leaders would be, if not all, but only one of them described by God, would have influenced all other leaders, and in the world again, the justice of God would prevail.

There are some rules in this world. this world has justice. but this order and this justice cannot be founded by God. believing that this order was created by God will be an insult to God. because it is missing and the wrong job. it is clear that this world is wrong, can not belong to God. God speaks of the world in sacred texts, but does not mention here. I don't know where it is, but I think it's not the world. because there is a problem with the scientific laws that this world is focusing on. There are inconsistencies.

Therefore, our prayers are unlikely to be accepted. Because it's about what the other person on the screen wants to give you. if he does not love you, even if you do all the religious requirements, our prayer will not be accepted. but if he wants to help you, even if you are the world's most cruel, evil, retarded person, he will raise you to the top, because he wants it so.

I believe that, despite all things, God has accepted my prayers, and that he has helped me despite the traitor. Under these circumstances, one thing is certain that sooner or later they will pay God to account for the wrong things they do in this world. for now. as I mentioned in my previous writings, in the eyes of those who created this world, we are no more valuable than the letter a in the word file. however, we will next know how much we have a value in terms of God.

I'm not afraid of false gods! Make the world fair and Stop being cruel to people!

I. Wrote this. at. March 10, 2019 Sunday. With God's help. The victory will be God's and his followers'!
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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
« Reply #156 on: March 13, 2019, 04:39:44 AM »
I have awared that even Jim Carrey has became a simulation believer. This video is actually belonging to a Turkish youtuber, but most part of them are belonging to Jim Carrey. And I, I prefer you listen him. He is really affective on his theories, and definitely talking convincible. I recommend listen its parts only contain when Jim Carrey talk. Just 8 minutes.

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Proving the simulation 3
« Reply #157 on: March 20, 2019, 06:52:32 AM »

In first image, we see the sun and sun shadows depends on sun rays. But however the sun distance to be, but sun shadows always the opposite of the sun rays direction depends on our point of view.

But when we turn the plan view in 2th and 3th images, we can clearly see that the directions of the shadows "have to be different".

Since they could be different, but they are the same; the earth is simulated as a 2d view.

Sun shadows in the earth are definitly created in a 2d environment. I mean, this is more than a flat earth. Everything is on a screen. The dimention of the depth is just an illusion.
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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
« Reply #158 on: March 27, 2019, 10:53:32 PM »
Yeah, a lot of that is nonsense and you have shown little.
The illusion is shattered if we ask what goes on behind the scenes.



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What is life? Why is life exist?
« Reply #159 on: March 30, 2019, 11:42:36 AM »
We certainly don't know where and why we exist. most likely we are in matrix and most likely we are infinite.

because the theory of continuity requires it. the probability of extinction at any time of the time and the rest possiblity is close to zero. is something exists in a time it always exists. I called this as continuity theory. we are exist, so we have always been. we will not know what will happen in the future. But we have to know that we'll exist again.

The shape of the world does not matter. Here it is a flat world planned to give a round feeling. the next one can be the opposite.

we have aware dthis difference it is because we are allowed to discover this difference. this is perhaps a scene that our rules set ourselves. We may have decided what we would be after death. the problem is that we don't remember it.

the reason why we perceive this life as real is because we have tried endless times in such worlds in infinite time. So these random variables increase reality. the subjects that we have discovered in this world and which reduce reality are not included in the next world set-up. problems such as water pressure in the water, a straight line in the flat world, such as impossible to observe problems may not take place in the next world. What I mean is that although this world is a fake, past experiences has also been used for  to be realistic. but there are still mistakes.

the fact that everything is realistic and for a moment we must remember our own real histories puts forward that, we want to forget something in past. The body may die. but the soul is immortal. The spirit came from God and will returned to God. in other respects, in fact, the soul is god. because it is part of it. The soul is an independent soul when separated from the god, but when it comes back it becomes part of God again. in this case it means you will be god again. In other words, we are all part of God. not from a bodily point of view, but from a spiritual point of view. then the body will die, our soul will join the god.

So what do we want to forget? I remember a bit. I think I'm coming from a powerful piece of memory. Yes I have something and I want to forget it. so everything needs to be realistic and immersive. because as we think about it, we fear that it can become stronger.

I remember a bit. Because my memory was better, and I started thinking before. But you can do that too. Just focus and try to remember. But don't forget that. If we are here to forget, then why are we trying to remember?

I told : it increases the bitter reality. but the constant pain becomes torture and leads to questioning the truth. When the facts are tried to be questioned, this time the reality begins to decrease. I think we'll have to fix this one next time.
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24 hours sun in Everest
« Reply #160 on: April 03, 2019, 12:34:38 AM »
We know, according to the flat earth theory, we have to see sun in Everest more time than other places. Because it is higher lets us to see it more. In my opinion, night sun can be get as "moon", since it has less light. According to my calculations, 1/6 of daylight is sunlight. And the remained part is daylight. Actually, the sunlight has to be equal to moon light, just reverse of it. Lets examine, is it seeming so, or not.

As we very well know that, so we can see sun during 24 hours if we on a high mountain. In this video you'll see sun at the night sky.

As all smart people very well know that sun shines and creates shadows, but it produces about 1/6 of daylight. It may be 1/5 to 1/10. So that it has a weak light. Without daylight it can not lighten all the sky, but can do it a part of it.


You can clearly see the stars behind the sun. Because it is night, so that light of the sun is not enough to close the stars.

Another example.

You see how sun is weak.


Another image from same video. We see how the sun is shining in the night.

This is another image captured by following video:

If you don't see the sun for the first time, you know it's the sun. clearly the sun is rising, but the night does not change.

When night falls, generally moon stays already at some places in upside of the sky. But we clearly see that something rising. It is not moon, it is sun.

When I told this, somebody told me where is the moon then? This is a good question, if this is the sun so where is the moon. In my opinion, we have to first put forward if this really sun or not, then we have focus on where is the moon.

Remember paramount. There is a subliminal message here. Daylight, and stars together.

As how we have started the hint of UN logo for flat earth, I think paramount logo is another hint for 24 hours sunlight in Everest.

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Function of heat and light in a place
« Reply #161 on: April 20, 2019, 05:30:55 AM »
This will be an opening about this issue, for to continue from here.


1) Heat in a place = function (distance of the sun) + function (distance to the center of the daylight)+ function (distance to the sea) + function (altitude of the place)+ function (moon phase and position)

2) Light in a place = function2 (distance of the sun) + function2 (distance to the center of the daylight)+ function2 (distance to the sea)+ function2 (altitude of the place)+function (moon phase and position)

First function can be determined by examining the temperatures in different cities in different seasons, times and dates; but the second function needs advanced examinations.

We'll examine to find out the first formula soon.

Zeta bless you.

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Function of heat in any place -1
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This working is cancelled. (We slaves have not a right to delete the post, thanks to John T. Davis)
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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
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This project is cancelled. (We slaves have not a right to delete the post, thanks to John T. Davis)
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Day/night model
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Wise's The day and night model.

Day and night are independent from sun. Sun is a different thing stays about center of the daylight, but not fully. Daylight is independent from sunlight. They are completely different things. Daylight generally goes in front of sunlight. Because the affect area of sunlight is smaller than it. In summer, since sun stays closer to center of the earth, then sunlight goes in front of daylight those places close to the center.

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Weather Forecast Laws in Flat Earth Theory
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A pre-working

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Russian interpreters
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Is there anybody fully encrypt this website? http://www.falsehood.me

This is a website contains many conspiracies. I have awared this website when I looking at zorbakim's posts. Heavenly Breeze has suggested him to examine this website then I have awared it.

This is a Russian web site. Honestly I did not mostly understand the posts here. I understand some of them and the part I get was impressive. There are topics I disagree with; like the centrifugal force proposal, instead of gravity. There are some topics attracted me like conspiracy about Michael Jackson, and matrix.

There were only 5 visitors when I browsed. I believe that this site will be much more interesting if it would be in English.

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I would like to express some of my views on UFO. as foreword I must say that I do not have a definite judgment about the ufo as exist or none exist. this is due to the fact that evidences of them and counter-evidences appear to be seems like equivalent.

however, I want to express my opinion about ufos as predicted them exist. if you accept the presence of gravity, then it will be difficult for you to understand the ufo. but if you put the gravity aside and accept that it is the atmosphere that causes weight, the solution is easier.

Theory: In order for an object to remain stationary in the air, nothing should touch it.

Proof (depends on none gravitional model)

when no other object touches an airborne object, the total force on the object is zero. this causes the object to remain stationary.

Test conditions and application difficulties

the object that remains stationary in the air must form a space around it by pushing the air in all directions. however, different congestion exists between different layers of air. this will cause the object to take excessive force in some directions during propulsion of air. that is, pushing the air in a way causes more force to be generated in one direction and causes it to move in the other direction. to prevent this, the object must rotate continuously and balance the internal forces.

there should be a layer with a second space to prevent the observer involved during the movement of the object from being affected. accordingly, no matter how much the object rotates, no matter how it moves, the observers inside it will not feel the movement of the object in any way because the outside environment is a space and the object will remain relatively constant with respect to this space.

I can make technical drawings of the exterior and interior of this device if there is a need.
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Mechanism of volcano; Hawai and Ocenia are sinking; Mu continent (1)
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I've told this topic in a different way before. I will now take this issue from a different angle.

this is the general representation of the layers that the ground has.

You can find different representation about this matter but generally has same layers as air, soil and lava. It can be discussable whether water stays under lava or not. this is our opinion that because of the presence of pillars, there may be some water under it and some should not be water. therefore, the presence of water beneath the lava layer is a more general view in that it represents both options. There is a solid wall formed by the cooling of the lava between the lava layer and the water. this means that the lava solidifies where it comes into contact with water in different places and forms an indoor pool.

in other words, soil is actually located in an indoor pool surrounded by lava.

volcano formation in this indoor pool is as follows.

The volcano has a chimney. This chimney has a width, height and volume. lands sink in water for any reason. With the effect of this sinking, the lava is sprayed from the chimney in an amount equal to the weight of the sinking land. Like the following presentation:

Soil starts to pressure the lava. There are many reasons for this and these can be examined. where essentially, when you place a weight on the closed container, an equal amount of the material desires to go up. Like this:

Let us make a simple example about the material that will be released by volcanic eruption if an indoor pool land is submerged. ordinary conditions will be used to make the example realistic.


width of the pool; 100 kms
length of the pool: 100 kms,
sinking amount of the pool: 1 centimeter
The diameter of the chimney: 100 meters. Let's calculate how many meters the lava will spray.


The volume sinked: 100 000 mt x 100 000 mt x 0,01 mt = 100 000 000 m³.

The volome of lava will be erupted: 100 000 000 m³

chimney area: π x 100 = 314 m².

all of this lava does not explode at the same time. Assuming that the lava moves 10 meters per second, let's calculate how many hours the volcano will explode.

chimney area: π x 100 = 314 m².

lava explode per second: 314 m² x 10 meters/second = 3 140 meters / second.

Total lava will be erupted: 100 000 000 m³.

Total time spends for lava has to be erupted: 100 000 000 m³. / 3 140 meters/second = 31 800 seconds = 530 minutes = 9 hours.

Inother say, a volcano explodes about 9 hours according to upside conditions.

So what's happening in Hawaii?

In fact, the island of Hawaiiwes the highest place of the mu continent. In other words, the roof of the Mu continent is the island of Hawaii.

To be continued...
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Sun setting in flat earth
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This work has published in https://turandursun.com/forumlar/showthread.php?t=42619 legally

I want to mention with macarios, because events have started with his perfect drawing depends on globularist theory. I started this article with this quote and thus honored him.

Let's see if this works:

In a globe earth, it works like this. But in a flat earth has a dome it may be like this, or with a bit difference:

Sunlight works like this in air-water-air system. it enters into a different environment twice and breaks twice. so the sun appears downside than its own. however, in the flat earth this will still remain above the horizon. at least up to the width of the dome. for this, the architecture of the dome must be present as a variable.

In optics, there is an angle called a critical angle. If the light coming to the lens exceeds the critical angle, then the light will not break, it will reflect on the environment where it comes from. Let see what is the critical angle in optic:

I want to check it from a source, whether if I have true predicted it or may be I am wrong. I found this one:

Glass, ice or water does same thing to light beams when they meet with the atmoflat. Sounds true.

I want to rotate it till represent our earth system:

E represents eye of Macarios looking at sun.
R: Real sun position
V: As we see that macarios sees sun under its real position.

The beam entering the less dense environment from the more dense environment breaks away. when this value reaches a critical angle, the light no longer breaks and reflects back the environment, as follow.

1) Light comes a smaller angle than critical angle. Then it breaks by going further.
2) Light comes with critical angle, neither breaks, nor reflects; follows the common line. (setting)
3) Light comes with an angle higher than critical angle, does not enter the environment and reflects.

Lets see it with 3 sun positions to get how sun setting.

1) We see sun at afternoon position. Actually it stays more upside but we see it further and down side.
2) Although sun at the visible position, we see it as setting, although actually it is not. Because sun rays arrive the critical angle.
3) After critical angle passed, sun rays no more arrive the observe point, they just refrect to the flat earth dome.

The critical angle can be calculated by considering the positions where the sun rises and sets, and then the refractive index coefficient of the dome can be calculated by replacing this critical angle in the snell law. It may be done next sometime or other.

This is short of system mechanism. I am repeating it with the level as low as till most globularist can get it.

I hope this topic will eliminate the questions "how the sun is setting" many people who ask.

You may watch this video to get the issue of critical angle. You should to save this video as soon as possible because NASA inside us can delete this video, like everytime they do.

I've chosed this image to get the angle. This is a simple example of water-air critical angle experiment.

I've rotated the image upside down. The upside is water like our dome and sun, and we are at the bottom like this image. It represents our "solar system". Solar system, ahaha.  ;D

It seems water-air intersection has about 45 degrees critical angle if I see it as true. It comes with 45 degrees to air then breaks. The angle downside seems last beam as 30 degrees is the last beam we see can not mean many things. It is because the experiment conditions. If we have more light sources the gap fills with other lights. But the last light come from light source, starts to reflect after becomes 45 degrees.

I did not use a protractor, it may be a few less or more.

Feel free to repeat same experiment in your home by using flash light. Be careful don't fall down flash light to water, then it bursts, then may harm you.

Everybody can repeat our scientific experiments. Because a scientific experiment has to be fair and repeatable by everybody. This is what we defend and globularist -so called- scientists deny. Because they are making some experiments only they can do, and depends on their magical experiment they put forward something. You see, theory, proof with experiment, is how easy in a flat earth. No need to magic like Foucault pendulum, or miraculous experiments by nasa in a stuffy environment, or magics like that. if you can do an experiment yourself, if you can confirm yourself that all the conditions are fair, that experiment is reliable; although whatever so called scientists claim the opposite.

if desired, this study can be placed in a scientific framework such as "theory, proof and experiment". I wanted it to appear "improvised" in this way.

PS: when comparing this Proof to the globularist theory, note the following:

* when the sun is at its peak it is closer to the actual place. however, as the clock progresses, it will appear lower than the actual location. this is proof that the so-called globularist theory cannot cover up. Watches given as the sunrise are often faulty. It is daylight, but the sun has set. because we can see the sun lower than it is, we cannot see its real place. The determination of the day time does not depend on the position of the sun, but on the position of the daylight. daylight is shaped like a wide ring around the sun. When the sun passes the critical angle and disappears, the day still is bright because daylight is still above the critical line. daylight slowly fades through the critical angle. and the night begins when the last daylight exceeds the critical angle. all of these are the issues that the globularist theory cannot account for, or explain them with "air is bright because light hits and reflects back to the clouds", describing the theories at kindergarten level as scientific evidence.
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How are ships skylining?
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There are some objections on this...  :)
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Proving the simulation 4
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Your eyes are doing something that they shouldn't, and you can't explain it by the laws of nature. This is a program, you first need to understand it.

You see a train rays here. Look at it. Look at it more and more.

The train rails in the closest location to us were far from each other. and where it is moving away from us, rays begins to approach each other visually. the following example is more enlightening:

If we draw the formed shape, the shape of the rails is simply as follows.

These rails have both left and right.

We see the right side as follow:

If we add the right side to the figure, we should see it like this according to upside visuals.

but we can never see it like this. When we look from the front we see as follow:

That you see when you look across:

In fact, since angular size is inverse trigonometric function similar to a second order parabole. the figure we should to see is:

At this point the brain acts like a computer. or our eye works within a program. either one of them is valid. As a result we see two paralel lines when look at it from front side.

Such a situation is theoretically impossible, hence our brains are deceiving us. This proves that our brains work for simulation, not for us. in other words, our brain is part of the simulation.

When you combine the 3 images above, the following figure appears:

When you look at zone 1 (to the left), you see zone 2 and zone 3 as blurred. because your brain cannot connect these two parts. If you look at zone 2, you are looking straight. however, this time, regions 1 and 3 are blurred because your brain cannot merge it straight.

you can view both the left side, the right side and the center only with a wide-angle camera. but this time the reality disappears.

In fact, this is the picture closest to what we should to see. however, since the objects should actually be flat, they will not be reality.

our brain knows that this rail is straight, so whatever side you look at it depicts it as a straight line. in other words, the information that the object we are looking at is flat is transmitted to our brain. therefore, we do not see what we are looking at, we see the actual form of the object, because this information is instantly transmitted to our brain by the program.

This is proof that we live in a simulation.

Originally posted: HERE
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You can repeat this experience whenever you want. Simple to use. Open google maps, chose a point in a street, then look at left, front and right.

We are looking all these 3 ways.




Let's choose straight lines from which we can reference. The stones around the green field look smooth. Lets do it.

You see the lines are approaching eachother.

Lines are completely paralel in front line.

Lines to right are aproaching eachother.

in fact, it is impossible for this image to be real. because the straight lines at right and left coming with angle cannot continue parallel in the middle. namely.

at this point, our brain is playing a game for us and wherever we look, it shows us the line there straight. for example, let's choose two points here.

Then our brain draws a line from start point to end point. Because it knows its being straight.

Since the angular size is the inverse trigonometric function, the shape we should see should be similar to this.

As shown in the above examples, our brain plays games, showing what is impossible to see in reality, the actual state of the object. However, what he had to show us was not the real feature of the object, but the visual feature.
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Examples of simulate earth 2
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Since people wants the technical details of "how the program earth is fooling us", so I'll give some understandable examples and make simple mathematics that everybody can understand.

Today we are in Washington, District of Columbia and looking to Nordstrom Rack Downtown DC; Adress: 1990 K St NW.

Pay attention the car and paving stone; I marked them to prove them as benchmark. I have marked a bulding with red "X", we'll compare it with hext.

Same car and same paving stone as benchmark still there. you can check that the work is completely objective by going to the same address in google maps. no zoom / resize operation was performed. Even so, the car in second photo seems biggers.

I've used same observe point, just turned to right.

virtuel scale we'll use:

Lets test:

About 13 virtual centimeters from front.

8,5 virtual centinemters from second photo.

As we see that, we saw the building in first photo bigger  than second photo. On the contrary, the car in second photo was bigger than the same car in first photo. this is proof that no zoom is made in the photo. If the second image was compressed, the vehicle would also shrinked. on the contrary the vehicle has grown.

Pay attention our observe point is same. We have just changed the focus point.

So; how could this be? It's simple. What we see is not real. When we focus on the opposite building and see the building on the right, the size of the building on the right is displayed in relation to the building we are focusing on.

Let's put forward the logic of this process. To better understand this, we will look at a long rectangle in my math example. this will be the equivalent of the building example.

I've chosed a rectangle has 1 unit width, we are looking it from a distance 1 unit. I'm simplfying the example as far as possible. Now, lets partitate it to parts have 1 unit width and lengh.

Of course, this real image is NOT what we see. We are trying to get which shape of it we should to see.

In order to see a flat object as straight, the three points on a line you select must be linear.

In this shape, the equaliotion of angles a, b and c should be linear. Lets calculate them one by one:

angular size of a and b is same. Inother say, we see them as equal. Interesting.

So, Visual sides of a, b and c are:

18,435  ; 18,435  ; 15,255.

This is what we should to see:

I think the engineers who compute the world because of the property of the tangent function are in a dilemma. therefore, they have developed such a solution.

I should to look at this in more detail on weekdays when I have more opportunities. in the meantime, you can read and check how this happens again. maybe I'm making a mistake somewhere. Or maybe you are in cave of globularism and can't see the truth, who knows.

PS: these corrections can be used to correct the next world simulation, but all rights belong to me, permission must be obtained.

PS: Explanation proves the mathematic has been added:

When we have focused the right side, then the left bulding takes scale from right side. Then  it becomes bigger, like car in photos.

When we focus the closer bulding object A, then object B takes scale from front side. Then it becomes bigger, like the right building. In order to see that the process is a correction of the tangent function, we need to make a few technical calculations and prove it.

Short of events:

These photos overlaps with our theories about angular size depends on properties of tangen function. Inother say, this is categorically a "scientific proof", because proved by both calculation and reality by overlapping without any cheating; and repeatable by everybody.

Easy to repeat : Take a camera. stand against any large object. Take a picture from the front. Take the photo again so that the front facade is visible with turn slightly to the right as in this example. According to the "real world" theory, you must see the same thing because your distance and angle to the object are the same. but you will not see the same thing, because the world is not real, because it is simulation.

What is clear is that you see the object you are focusing on correctly. and the other object gets scale based on the object you're focused on. The basic knowledge here is that the building is flat. that is, the two information transmitted to you is contradicting:

1) tangent function visual. you should see the building as curve.
2) the object is flat in reality, you should see the building flat.

Result: Reality and visual are contradicting.

At this point, the simulation programmers expect that you will not see the error in the tangent function (intelligent people are in the minority hence programmers have ignored them/us. They know we cant convince low IQ'ed majority globers), but instead show us an irrational image that you cannot see to ensure that you see the building correctly.

In other words, as we have proved before, this world is not created for intelligent people. therefore, they cannot understand that the world is flat or simulation.

For clever people, this article clearly proves that the simulation is. however, globularists with a low level of intelligence will again pretend to not understand it. because they simply don't have enough intelligence till to understand it.

PS: Many smart people like me not to do important tasks v. is a sign of its being a simulation. Hence I'll continue to work better and better till everybody agree its being simulation.

I still believe that those who do this simulation should concentrate on their own work instead of dealing with me. blocking me is not a success. if you couldn't match the tangent function to reality, you failed. maybe too much money, power, and getting what I want can make me think give it up. Till that time, die failed, stupid, ignorant geo engineers!

You are dealing with men has high IQ level instead of help them, and then starting to cry because they reveal your being unsuccesfull. Am I the one who made the mistake here, or ...?

It seems like a tablet game to me more than a real world. Even not a computer game, but like a tablet game, tablet.

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Mu people, inuviks and Mongol invation
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According to different researchers, the Inuits lived in a land of the Bering Strait. Approximately 1000 years ago, as a result of the rise of sea level then land was inundated, the Inuit began to migrate to the eastern tip of Alaska and Asia. we will accept this date as a decisive date and shape the other dates accordingly. Inuvist represent some of Mu continent people. Because we call them as eskimo. Eskimo means in Turkish old-mo. Inother say, they stay their old lands.


Turks arrival of today's Turkey date has been the war in 1071. it was said to have happened because of scarcity in central asia.

The founder of Ottoman Empire; Osman Gazi.


Date about 1200's.


wise khan monument placed at 735. Writings on it: 'Unless the blue sky collapses on the top and the  ground sinks, who can disrupt your province'

from these words we see the current conditions of wise khan under consciousness. there has been the following event: "the sky was drilled and heavy rainfall. the ground has sunk."


Found by Kublay Khan, grandson of Chengiz Khan; 1206.


Unknown. The arrival to Europe due to the Chinese, 1200 years.


It is thought to have been made by Uighurs. Uighur State date: 744-840.


Created at 1000.


I think so far there has been a shape of history in our mind.

As wise khan mentioned, a continent, extreme rains caused by the puncture of the sky and the continent sank because of the weight then the Mu people left the continent. All these people were slant eyed.

these migrating people left the continent under the leadership of wise khan himself. date around 700s. This people have identified China as its target region and for this purpose first settled in Mongolia. up to this time, the people of china looked like the white race. At this stage, Turks and Hungarians began to migrate to the west.

On the one hand, while the Mongols occupied the main continent, on the other hand, as the Turks and Hungarians advanced to the west, their race broke down and began to resemble Europeans. after that date, the assimilated chinese race was formed. Europeans learned gunpowder from the Chinese. and this caused the hungarians and the Turks to lose power.

Let us now try to determine the boundaries of the continent of Mu and the routes of migration. we know that the Mu continent sinks into the water, and that today's America breaks from the mainland of Europe-Africa, moving into the void and moving towards the setting of the sinking continent. One place remains for Mu continent: Pacific ocean.

The word "Hawai" in Turkish means "aerial". (look at havai, this link) this island was the highest point on the continent of mu. hence the continent mu includes the hawai island.

Okay. Now we should to examine the place of Mu continent. we will use sea altitude maps for this. somewhere the ocean suddenly deepens. deepening places should be the boundaries of the continent. we will then calculate the approximate population of the cities of the mu continent using traces under the sea. this will give us information about the population of the mu continent.

the people of this continent have produced high technology. has a high level of civilization. we can understand this by observing the islands that are artificially created around the continent.

The resort is planned as an artificial island and around the artificial lake. It has stayed inside ocean after water has rose.

Some others:

old ruin on marea island:

I think this facility is clearly the hotel that serves those who come on holiday to this island. of course these can only be newly manufactured decors. we can't be sure of that. They seem natural to me.

Another artificial lake:

Artificial lakes which have been planned dozens of resorts. these are no jokes. all planned so perfectly to be natural. Lets zoom one of them:

Lets calculate its areal size.

This is really great. It is 1.243,28 km² inother say, 1.243.000 decares, inother say m². This pool can accommodate 1 million people at the same time.

the cities of people who need such large pools should be large and crowded. Let's examine the cities.

First we have to take a look about any city on the planet to compare and find the populatin in cities of Mu. roads connect cities. therefore, there should usually be a city at each intersection. some intersections can also be only random intersections. We also see significant cities on the map. we will compare them with the size of known cities to calculate their population.

Istanbul; 1134km² , 15 millions. So, 13.000 people per km².

Shangai; 3.340km², 26,3 millions. So; 7.870 people per km².

New York, 983 km², 8,6 millions. So; 8.700 people per km².


Cities we can get 10.000 people per km² as an average value.

Lets go the cities in Mu continent.


City A has 67.551 km² areal size; equal to population: 67.551x10.000= 670 millions.

We are talking about a city has 670 millions population. This is more than the population in USA.


City B has 60.666 km² areal size; equal to population: 60.666x10.000= 607 millions.


City C1 has 42.470 km² areal size; equal to population: 425 millions.

I've defined a city C2 because they are close themselves. It is a city close to the Isla Isabela

City C2 has 24.815 km² areal size; equal to population: 248 millions.

City C's area has 673 millions population as total.

City D

D is very crowded and untidy. There are dozens of cities together. it makes sense to multiply the population of one by 10.

City D has 73.733 km² areal size; equal to population: 737 millions.

Total population of the region around D may be about 7,7 billions.

And Bonus; City E

This city is located North west of Easter island.

City E has 339.100 km² areal size; equal to population: 3,3 billions.

If we compare the size of cities with the size of today's cities, we see that they are up to 100 times more by comparing largest city with Tokyo. we can calculate the total population of the mu continent considering this ratio according to the world population.

Wecan clearly see the roads from big cities to today' French Polinesia the holiday zone. The average distance is 3000 kilometers.


7,3 billion x100 = 330 billion as a distant estimate of the population of Mu continent.

Here we can see that the Mu continent is much more crowded than the present world.

therefore, it is obvious that they are more advanced than today. But what could be the reason why the continent sank?

possible technical reasons for the sinking of the continent:

1- Great battles
2- Heavy structures
3- Disruption of natural balance
4- Compelling deformation of the earth

1- Great battles
wars can cause earthquakes and fault fractures in general. but they cannot permanently change the static balance.

2- Heavy structures
We do not know how large the inhabitants built the structures, whether these structures are big enough to disrupt the balance of the world. we only know that if the building material has been moved to a location, it must have been reduced elsewhere. therefore, we cannot expect them to cause static balance degradation.

3- Disruption of natural balance
increase in precipitation for some reason may cause sudden load increase as it will increase snow load. wise khan's "sky-rupture" event may be proof or reason for this. we can think this as the loser side of a nuclear war fires on the dome as punishment to the other country and causes the whole continent to sink together with that country. I don't think there will be a great war in such a developed world, but maybe there has been a terrorist attack.

4- Compelling deformation of the earth

artificial islands and artificial mountains may have permanently changed the static balance of the world. this is theoretically possible. Similar to the snow load, if you build a lake in a high place and bring water from the sea, you add a permanent weight there.

Saving the Mu

two of the reasons for sinking mentioned above came to the fore.

Disruption of natural balance
Compelling deformation of the earth

I believe that the problem of natural equilibrium is solved. if not, heavy rains and snowings would have continued. today we do not see this situation. but glaciers still exist in the Arctic from that time.

To solve the problem of compelling deformation of the earth, it is necessary to restore these islands and lakes to their natural state. I'm not sure that draining the waters over existing artificial lakes will solve the problem. because the water present on the continent can prevent the continent from rising. But;

considering that the continent is now very limited to sink into water, throwing water out of these lakes can solve the problem to a large extent. Let's calculate the amount of water in one of the hundreds of artificial lakes here:

Areal size of Makemo artificial lake is 720 km². we don't know the water depth here, but we can think of 10 meters as an average number.

Total water volume in the lake: 720,000,000 m² * 10m = 7,200,000,000 m³

The total volume of water only in this artifical lake is 7 billion of tons. if you do this for all other islands, then the amount of the load will be trillions of tons.

Assuming that we will build a facility and discharge 100 meters³ of water per second; the total time required to discharge this water:

7,200,000,000m³ / 100 m³/s = 72,000,000 seconds = 833 days.

of course, the groundwater connections, if any, must be closed to prevent the return of water during this process. further, pouring a thin concrete watertight layer on the inner wall of the lake may be effective in preventing the ingress of water.


this process can be applied on all islands at the same time. In order to discharge water on an island, a facility can be established within 2 years and can be discharged in 3 years.

1- for this purpose, the groundwater connections must be fully fixed and filled with waterproof materials. - 2 years.
2- establishment of this evacuation facility - 2 years.
3- drainage of water and concreting. 3 + 2 years.
4- Standby time: 1 year.

As can be seen here, the mu continent can be restored within 10 years at an adequate cost.
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Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong



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vanishing ship behind wave
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First we have to determine what you think you to see and what you see in fact.

You think you see the ship on a straight line. whereas it actually moves on a curve starting from the tip of the foot and extending to the skyline.

The eye has a detection sensitivity. we cannot see after a certain sensitivity. Let's do a test to measure this sensitivity.

Get remember this page:

we are unable to read the most down words on this paper. however, this is not due to the sensitivity of the eye, but the sensitivity of the computer screen. To measure it yourself, move away from an A4 sheet with a lettering and try to read it. then measure the distance from which you can no longer read the text. you can measure the sensitivity of your eye using the relation between this distance and the font size.

I did this experiment for you. I have opened a book. The words on it was 2 milimetres. I have began to move away from the book. When I came to a distance of 3 meters, I realized that I could not read the articles anymore.

Lets calculate sensitivity of my, an average human eye:

Distance to paper: 3 metres.
Highness of word: 2 mm.

Sensitivity of eye: 2mm. / (3m. x 1000) = 0,0007.

This value is also the distance we can no longer see on the skyline of an object approaching the skyline. What we need to do for this is to correct the skyline angle which should be 90 degrees with this value.

90 degrees - 90*0,0007 = 89,94 °  (for wave)
90 degrees + 90*0,0007 = 90,06 °  (for ship)

We understand that we cannot see the sensitivity of 0.06 degrees. with it, we can compute a common angle where we cannot distinguish between wave and ship. this will increase both values. in other words, we will assume that we can now see a distance from which we cannot notice two objects.

Corrected values. We can not distinguish wave and skyline whenever they are in angularly:

89,97 °  (for wave)
90,03 °  (for ship)

in other words, when an object reaches a horizontal angle of 89.94°, we now see it contiguous with the skyline.

Lets calculate distances for wave and ship seperately where we see them adjacent to skyline:

Calculating distance we see 1 metre wave adjacent to skyline

α +  β= arctan (L/2) + arctan (1/L) = 89,97°

>> L ~= 2000 metres.

After 2000 meters, we can no longer distinguish waves from other objects in the skyline. This value can be calculated differently according to your eye sensitivity.

Calculating distance we see 5 metres ship adjacent to skyline

α +  β= arctan (L/2) + arctan (1/L) = 90,03°

>> L ~= 4000 metres.

If we can not see this ship has 5 meter highness after 4 kms anymore because of we can not to distinguish it with a 1 meter wave in 2 kms distance.

Since our horizontal vision sensitivity has disappeared earlier, we now see both objects horizontally, so the ship begins to disappear behind the wave.

If you want to see the ship, even so you can use a camera has zoom property. but this is limited by the sensitivity of the camera. no matter how powerful a camera you have, the sensitivity will decrease at some point and you will see the ship disappearing behind the waves. this is not because the world is spherical, but because your angle of vision is limited to the tangent function and your sensitivity to observation is limited. As shown in the example, a tool can help you increase your visual sight. in this case, you can see that the object that just disappeared behind the waves is still in place.

in short, seeing a distant object is about property of seeing, it has nothing to do with the fact that the object is really visible.

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Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong



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I want to share working of cikljamas for day of hoax anniversary as respect for labor. There are many unfair in the earth against believers. I hope we'll be stronger one day, and justice will ask for pay account for their evilness.

First off : Apollo was not a hoax, but a straight up con of epic proportions.

Secondly : feel free to watch the best documentary ever uploaded on youtube about APOLLO - HOAX OF THE CENTURY (pay attention : download it, and reupload it on your channels, as soon as you can, since youtube is shutting my channel down) :








Moon landing propaganda is like software code being installed on people's brains. And it's purpose is to utterly warp a person's perception of their reality and their senses, to the point that they are likely to believe all manner of nonsense because once you accept that men have gone to the moon, a feat which I'm not even convinced will ever be within the realms of possibility seeing as there isn't even any evidence the moon is actually this rock in space that humans can fly to and land on, but once you accept this garbage you are much more likely to accept other totally unproven "facts" from these deceivers. Suddenly you have people believing unquestioningly the universe started with a big bang explosion from absolutely nothing that happened 14 billion years ago (impossible to know what happened 50,000 years ago let alone 14 BILLION, talk about total insanity) or that people evolved from bacteria in the ocean, all utter nonsense that can never ever be demonstrated, tested or proven in any way. Just math equations and computer models that are entirely made up. But once a person accepts just one of their mind warping propaganda programs, they inevitably end up believing them all.

I think the apollo missions play a big part in how people form their beliefs about the world and the universe so much so that accepting them as hoax would cause their worldviews to collapse and I don’t think most people today are ready to face that kind of a fundamental change in their lives. It changes everything. The apollo missions are nasa’s way of proving to people that they got all the answers and that everything is the way they claim it is because they’re the only ones that have been out there. Now you have billions of people in the world who believe in them and their doctrine and anyone who disagrees with them is portrayed as an insane paranoid conspiracy theorist. The technique used by narcissists to destroy the credibility of their victims.

Simple OFFICIAL science debunks the moon landing. - It's called Van Allen Belt, the radiation would kill everyone and all electronics. The materials used aluminum, nickel/iron, and titanium would have all melted due to the extreme radiation and temperatures.
How could they survive the radiation and high temperature, WITH THAT SUITE. i think that a bunch of fan could never handle that, cause that (include all things on back pack) will broken and become unusable on such a hot temperatures...Just how... is it calculated to know the temperature on the moon? Being the moon is some 1/4 million miles away? The temps calculated for the earth are not always accurate, let-alone to tell us the temps on the moons surface are such.  Are they shooting a beam to the moon such as one checking the temp of his steak on the grill? A 1/4 million miles away. Forgive—a thermometer was stuck in the soil upon arrival.

Our measurments show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 roentgens per hour, depending on the still-undetermined proportion of protons to electrons. Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 roentgens would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight. Unless some practical way can be found to shield space-travelers against the effects of the radiation, manned space rockets can best take off through the radiation-free zone over the poles. A "space station" must orbit below 400 miles or beyond 30 000 miles from the earth. We are now planning a satellite flight that will test the efficacy of various methods of shielding. The hazard of space-travelers may not even end even when they have passed the terrestrial radiation belts... James Van Allen

Do tell where all the O2 was kept for them to breathe, for a scuba divers tank will only last for about an hour without complicated rebreather technology. Surly there was no such device then. -Two astronots breathing 02 from the time they left earth, to the time they returned to earth about seven days just where was all this 02 stored? A SCUBA divers tank which holds 80 cubit feet of air would calculate to 13,440 cubic feet of air needed for roughly 7 days just for two people. The air locks between the lunar rover and the outside, none. NONE!!! Fantasy the lot.

In1986 I was a 2nd Lt. and a newly minted, USAF officer and aviator, flying C-130s. One of my first operational missions was to fly some troops to Andrews AFB. We stayed in D.C. for two days. On one day, we wemt to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. When I saw the LEM and especially when I saw the lunar rover exhibit, a life size mock-up, I told one of my crewmates, another 2nd Lt., copilot, that this is b.s., no way they landed the LEM with that rover. After seeing that exhibit, I started questioning the veracity of the lunar landings. Most professional aviators do not have the balls to even question the lunar missions, let alone say that they were fake. Look at 911, any active aviator who questions 911 will be grounded. Few will say a thing when they know the Pentagon strike was a virtual impossibility. John Basilone

Blazing Saddles, Boyz in the Hood, Star Wars, and Back to the Future are just a few of the hundreds of films collected in the Library of Congress. But we’re to believe NASA can’t preserve the telemetry data from the moon missions. Hahahahahah!!!
Don’t get me wrong. Those are all great films but I believe the significance of the moon data  may be just a tad bit more important. I guess it’s hard to hold on to something that never existed.

"The only bird who can talk is the Parrot and he didn't fly very well.. There are great ideas left undiscovered to those who can peel away one of truths most protective layers."
- Neil Armstrong --------- Don't be a parrot people..



One other guy (below one other similar video) left this very interesting comment :

No... Rockets do not make what they push against to work. It's fluid dynamics...it does not matter if it's water... Or air... It works the exact same way...its like saying that a submarine makes the water that the propeller pushes against while it's on land.. people will agree that the submarine would not move..The same exact thing will happen to a rocket in space.. That is the dumbest and most idiotic wrong explanation of how rockets work that is even possible. Because space is as close of a perfect vacuum there is ...it is impossible to have thrust... Saying that a rocket pushes off it's own gas from combustion is ludicrous... It's no different than saying that you can blow hard enough into a vacuum cleaner and make positive pressure... A vacuum cleaner is a very extremely small fraction of the vacuum of space....just like a vacuum cleaner will suck the air right out of your lungs... Space will do the same exact thing to a rocket... Only many many many many many many many many times quicker and the molecules will go in every direction evenly making thrust  impossible ....using small box like this moron... You release pressure into the box and after the box gets to 0 pressure... The rocket.. "can"...will apply force to the container until there is enough pressure to prevent this from happening then it will push off of its own gasses inside the box... This does absolutely nothing but prove that you should not listen to anything this idiot says at all... ever... until he admits this experiment is flawed and invalid.  If he does not at least do that... Then he is purposely deceiving people....personally I think he is deceiving people. I work with pressures and vacuums every single day I work and I guarantee that there is not a single person on this planet that can prove what I said was incorrect or untrue.  He does not have a vacuum pump that is able to take the gasses out of that chamber as fast as its being put in... Like it would be in space....he pulled a vacuum and closed a valve taking the vacuum pump ..."space" out of the experiment....invalid experiment... And he got the wrong conclusion because the experiment was invalid...

In his next response he said this :

You still did not say that I was wrong... So what the fuck was the point of your comment because I don't see one... you are a troll that somehow benifits off of the deceptions of the government...if u can't prove me wrong... Than go fuck yourself ...if you can prove wrong me then do it....are you telling me you do not know how things move through water...because thats all you need to understand  for proof rockets do not work in a vacuum... It's really that simple....will a submarine move that is on land that makes  the water that the propeller pushes against even if there was no friction between the submarine and ground... You are telling people that the submarine would move... research articles for what... How things move through water?...the only person that is not being logical is you... And also... What was your point of throwing in the GPS reference... Is that the only counter argument you have against what I said...are you saying that rockets work in space because the GPS loses reception in a tunnel... Damn you are desperate for a counter argument if u  threw that in there...who ever gave you a high school diploma needs to be fired... That's if you didn't drop out... Which I think is most likely

Finally, look what happens when you fly over the target :

Two days ago i uploaded video by the name YOUTUBE IS SHUTTING DOWN MY CHANNEL, and after a few hours they shut that video, too, so feel free to acquaint yourself with their fake excuse by reading just a few excerpts from my "hate speech" video :

I made this collage of screenshots on this guy's request :
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Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong



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Mu is still sinking! Tonga is going deeper!
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First we have to take a look where was Mu, and the motion ot continents. This is it.

1- South America broke off from Africa, moved west.
2- North America broke off from Europe, moved west.
3- Australia and close islands broke off from Indo-China and moved south east.
4- Japan and close islands broke off from China and moved south.

on the map we can see these movements and their results by looking at contour curves and city tracks.

Basic theories in review:

1- If there are cities and deep road traces in an area, it belongs to the old continent.
2- If the water level in a region shoaly, it belongs to the new continent. If there are islands in front of it, these islands belongs to same region and occurred by broken off from it.
3- If there is a sudden change in depth in an area, they are the places where the continents collide.

we can see other criterias over time.

Lets examine one by one intersection lines:


There are two different type of meeting in this region.

1- There was a collision in the Alaska region and America stopped in this region.
2- the california region did not stop and climbed over the mu continent. You can see that a city that should belong to mu continent is under the california region in below map.


At least one city stayed under Chile. there was also a collision in this region and at the same time a part of mu continent was stayed under south america.


Here it is clear that without a collision, Australia rises directly above the mu continent and destroys 2 cities.


There is an interesting region in the east of Australia. this place hasn't completed its sinking yet.

this region is more at risk than  the old mu continent and indonesia, . (Indonesia will be examined later).

news from one of these islands, Tonga. if you look at the map you will see that it looks as if it is on the edge of the cliff. it really is this so. According to those who live there it will be under the sea in 100 years. I'm not that pessimistic, but we don't know.


According to this news, the island is underwater because of climate change. So, where even 1 cm of water does not rise where we live, does the climate change in a single oceania? No. that region is sinking into the water. That's the reason. If you look at the map and the photos of the city, you can see that the ocean has entered the city.

this and countless islands like this will disappear in 100 years. and "they" will shamelessly say "because of global warming". Is that the truth? Truth is what you've read now.
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Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong



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Prove globe map' being fake by yourself!
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Hello Mr and Mrs believers. Today we'll see how globularist map is rubbish and flat earth map works perfectly.

We have a numerical flat earth map here. We'll use it and any of globularist map for this working.

According to numerical map, all Spain and Portugal stays east side of London. Here:

But according to globalist map, oppositely London stays east of Spain and naturally Portugal, here:

We see London stays about same longtitude with Valencia, an east central city of Spain; and stays east of Madrid, whole Spain and all of the Portugal. So which one is true?

Let me tell you my experience first. some sites host online camera applications. I used one of them. This morning I looked at two beaches in Spain and UK. The places I looked at were:

these two cities appear to be about the same longitude and there is little time difference between them. now I've looked at online cameras in both cities. This is UK, Weston Super Mare:

UK city: The weather has begun to brighten, but the sun has not yet risen. Soon the sun will rise.

Now city in Spain:

Sun seemingly rose. people filled the beach. we can imagine that this city lived 2-3 hours ahead of the other.

why was this caused?

Our digital flat world map contains tens of thousands of flight data and contains real data. and this map is similar in appearance to the global european map. in other continents, the global map varies according to the sphere world model, whereas in Europe this is not the case. In Europe, there is no possibility of manipulation since all measurements are well known. therefore the global world map uses the values ​​of the flat world map for europe. When the global world map does not involve manipulation, the north direction appears to be in the wrong direction. that is, this means:

Since globularist map uses datas of flat map, its North direction is same with flat earth map, ie a bit North east. Hence, Spain is actually is in same longtitude with about Germany, but not with UK.

Do this to debunk the global world map by yourself.

1- See any sunrise time in Spain or Portugal with any sunrise in the morning in UK.
2- See sun rising times of both then be sure sun rising time in UK city seems earlier.
3- be online at that hour and use the online cameras to see which city is rising earlier than the sun.

If you cannot use online cameras, you can also prove this by talking to two friends in the UK and Lisbon. All you need to wake them up at their morning time then ask them to took the sunrise a camera and send you online.


Sun rising time in Benidor, Spain.

Benidor is GMT+2, sun rises at GMT +4:53 after GMT correction.

Weston Super Mare is GMT +1, sun rises at +4:21 after GMT correction.

Inother say, according to globularist theory sun rises in Weston Super Mare (UK) before rises in Benidor (SPAIN). Because of this event globularist theory defends:

Since globularist theoriticans they are in the liable to showing everything curve, they did it here too. But this time it worked their own disadvantage. if the sun were rise close timings in these cities, we could understand it. but clearly, according to the globularist theory, the Sun of Weston Super Mare, which should have arisen half an hour before, arises hours after the city of Benidor in actually.

Congratulations! You have proved global map's being a hoax only by yourself. This is proof. There is a clear, logical explanation and can be repeated by everyone.

Bye bye globularist hoax! I'll write it on that map because we have proved its being a rubbish right now!

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Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong



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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
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Why is not London using same time zone with Madrid and Paris, but  with Lisbon?

And Why is not Madrid using same time zone with London, but Berlin?

Because of this:

Because north has been represented as wrong direction in globalist hoax maps.

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Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong