Flat Earth Believers - Rules & Guidelines

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Flat Earth Believers - Rules & Guidelines
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The Flat Earth Believers board is a place where FE'ers of all creeds, beliefs and theoretical standpoints can discuss ideas, subjects and issues related to Flat Earth Theory, the Flat Earth Society, and matters of Zetetic or socio-cultural significance. Access to the board is restricted to Believers because we feel it is important that FE'ers have a place to talk amongst themselves, without having to constantly explain and justify their beliefs to RE'ers. After all, there are several other boards which exist for that purpose.

Gaining access to the Believers' section is not easy. The Zetetic Council collectively decides who is given access to the Believers' board, and makes this decision based on your character, post history, and contributions to the Flat Earth Society and Flat Earth Theory. The members of the Zetetic Council are as follows:

Ichimaru Gin :]
John Davis
Lord Wilmore

If you wish to join, you can approach any member of the Council. Typically, a successful applicant will be a long-standing member who has made a substantial contribution to either Flat Earth Theory or discussion in the upper boards, and who is considered to sincerely believe that the Earth is flat. Note however that these are just guidelines, and that the Council members may vote as they wish. If your application is unsuccessful you will be informed, but no explanation shall be given and none should be demanded. If you wish you may re-apply at a later date, but it is suggested that you wait at least 6 months before doing so. Those who persistently badger the Council will be ignored, and may even face punishment under the Forum Rules.

Please note that once attained, your status as a Believer is a privilege, not a right. To a certain extent you are representing this forum and the ideas and values it aims to promote. Any FE Believer who engages in conduct not befitting their status in any part of the website may lose that status, in addition to any other punishments which result from said behaviour. Furthermore, your status as a Believer is contingent on your continuous and consistent advocacy of (and belief in) a flat Earth, and statements to the contrary may result in the revocation of that status. Finally, the Zetetic Council has absolute power within the confines of this board and the limitations of the Forum Rules, which apply as always.

It is my hope that the discussions on this board will aid us all on the path to truth and enlightenment, for what we seek is something beautiful and pure:

"When this light came to me, the effect on me I can not
explain for it
is not possible, but I can give you a small idea of
it. It was as if all the avenues of my senses became opened simultaneously,
my mental or inward vision entered a scene where all
the facts were laid bare to me.
The impressions remained in me and details began to form.
and then these details were unfolded in perfect order."

- Brother Obadiah Ramsay, The Sun Has No Heat

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