"E-Flat" rap song

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"E-Flat" rap song
« on: January 28, 2016, 12:50:49 PM »
Hello Flat Earth Society. I'm not a member but i have followed your facebook feed for a while.  I was inspired to write a rap due to the recent activity of B.o.B and Neil deGrasse Tyson. I just wanted to share it with you. I don't have any music or anything with it. keep up the good work!

As a Facebook friend of the Flat-Earth Society,
Politely I disagree with Neil deGrasse T.  It's just a theory
Astro-Fro's flows froze his foes with prose, But as the saying goes
He's not blinding me with science.  Just cuz that shit in space is round
Doesn't mean that applies to the ground. That correlation is unsound
Don't try to explain matters mundane, the heavens and earth are not the same as you wrongly claim
Neil's got a "vested" interest in science being true, but that shouldn't matter for people like me and you.
Common sense can expose this lie, just give it a try!
Laying flat on something spherical is not science, its a miracle, clearly
The evidence is not empirical and Tyson is hysterical without this notion.
Butt hurt? Apply the lotion, as you contemplate the fact the the ocean
In one motion would fall, if we were on a ball or anything like that at all.
Now for B.o.B who incorrectly tried to teach the controversy,
The disc of the earth indeed is flat but the fact is you missed the real truth, and also tact
Advanced alien races couldn't get to far away places so instead they built a machine in put it through its paces.
So all the ages and all the dead civilizations everything we see is a computer simulation!
A moon man's matrix, in a lab, we're the rats!
Wake up sheeple, the whole universe is flat.
This digital pancake's heart aches to escape the mirror
And see in 3D with awe and fear, but until that day i'll drink my beer and pretend that the earth is a giant sphere.

Re: "E-Flat" rap song
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Lol that is pretty good! If you're not going to produce it, maybe submit it to the Epic Rap Battles people?