Teach me DET, please

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Teach me DET, please
« on: November 01, 2015, 03:15:34 PM »
JRowe, hi,
I was wondering if you could teach me the fundamental tenets and properties of the Dual Earth model.
I swear that I will approach this with an open mind, but might still ask questions.
Greatly appreciated if you do.
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Re: Teach me DET, please
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2015, 05:50:42 AM »
Sorry for the late reply, this site is ridiculously slow and I mostly just look at my 'new replies' section.

Note the sig. It's impossible to explain the details of DET in the open forum because REers and trolls will butt in and turn everything into a mess, either with outright lies (Sokarul and Jadyyn), or the more common and understandable refusal to read everything that's come before: which would be a problem as it's impossible to understand a theory if you don't understand the basics. All this added up, you'll end up with a thread that's a complete mess, impossible to actually understand, and constantly misleading from the input of trolls.
Happy to explain by PM, and questions are more than welcome (the only caveat being not to ask about things that are covered later, because answers would be impossible until more's explained).

Or, if you're not satisfied with my initial statement, we could run a test. I'll write my usual explanations here, section by section, and the instant an REer or FEer or anyone other than you posts, I stop replying. This way, we can confirm that people will post in igore what comes before, rendering what they say ultimately meaningless: they don't understand what they're asking about.
That may sound harsh, but it's necessary; people with honest questions have their own way of getting answers.

Anyway, if you're honest about learning DET, and willing to put in the effort to actually learn the model, it's your choice. My PM system, or a public thread with that caveat.
On the sister site if you want to talk.