What is the reason you are a Flat Earther

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Re: What is the reason you are a Flat Earther
« Reply #30 on: December 10, 2015, 05:44:57 AM »
I became a flat Earther after examining the mountains of evidence that the Earth is flat and not round, as I had been brainwashed to believe.  If they can lie to you about the shape of the Earth, just imagine what else those unscrupulous cads are capable of lying about.

Well fortunately ALL evidence shows a round earth so you'll be glad to know you haven't been lied to.

There is zero evidence of the ball Earth theory, none. None has ever been shown anywhere because there is is no curve, no curve not a ball, not a ball you can not call it a sphere. Like all ballTards you do not have any physical proof of the ball Earth theory, period.

I know you try to touch the primary thing of round earth...
We all know that searching deffinitive prove that earth is flat was a long journey...
You may go for example to 6th century BC ... Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Eratosthenes are few o Greek philosophers and astronomers that believed that "Earth is Globe". Sure there were no prove of Round Earth for next 2000 years, but eventually it came...
Do you think that if it was so easy as going to seeside, Plato/Pythagoras/WHATEVER NAME were so stupid not to look on the see? They looked, but they already known that it doesn't prove anything!

As first something like prove is the reality of Circumnavigation. They taught that earth is a globe 2000 years before Columbus journey. So now skip 2000 years to Columbus... Columbus taught that as earth is a globe, you may travel to India going over ocean... risky travel, because ships usually traveled near coast, and not for so long, but technology of navigation and ships was so advanced that he was able to convince somebody to support for that travel.... if you look he tried to get support from  King John II, but experts of King John rejected it because:

        Estimation of a travel distance of 2,400 miles (3,860 km) was, in fact, far too low.

Yes Experts didn't told King that its bullshit, they told him that Asia must by in fact more far so the crew will not have enough food and watter to stay alive till they reach Asia ... and they were true!!!!!!

Yes people think that Earth is Round for more then 2500 years... And yes, without travel to the space we just think... But I understand that travel to the space is LIE for FE, and that the theory of Globe that was used with success for many many years, beggining with astronomy, architecture, sailing, physics aso. Is just a coincidence, because earth is not simply globe, but it is  FLAT with some complicated physics that need to be explained, like sunset phenomen. 

And now i will be rude, so please ignore it if it touches your feelings:

FE almost say that people that spend whole life thinking about this kind of stuff (like Plato/Pythagoras/Aristotle/Kepler/Copernicus.... ) were just stupid people. Because FE theorist saw the true immediately just looking on horizon. They are smarter then Einstein, who were so stupid that he was not able to look on horizon to see the truth. Actually Einstein was so stupid that he dont get this simple idea of FLAT Earth, but spent best years of his life creating theory that just extend this RE LIE in exchange to create something usefull.
Please give me working sunset calculation that works with FE model !