Infinite earth inside the earth

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Infinite earth inside the earth
« on: September 03, 2015, 03:47:43 PM »
I'm now leaning toward a theory that I personally invented based on different research that I have collected. I think the earth that we are living on is indeed a globe, however the inner earth is a flat infinite plane. This has to do with a 5D reality of earth that's difficult to image yet think of this way; Think of Dr. Who's phone booth how small it looked from the outside but how spacious it was on the inside. I believe earth is multi dimensional and pretty much has the same effect. Many explorers including Admiral Byrd described worlds beyond both north and south poles. Most associate those lands beyond poles with hollow earth theory. But I believe that the polar entrances do not lead to hollow earth but rather to infinite inner earth. The inner earth is flat and infinite and represents a terrestrial universe of its own.
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Re: Infinite earth inside the earth
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then why does it get warmer when you go deeper? the earth is round and it's a fucking planet with a core and gravity you fucking mong ??? ??? ???

Re: Infinite earth inside the earth
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As a general rule, theories with the inclusion "Like the TARDIS," should be viewed with a heavy dose of skepticism.

The notion of higher dimensions being relevant to the Earth's shape is an intriguing one, and by all accounts one very worth considering, but your idea... not so much.
Here for the scientific development of a Flat Earth model. Happy to be proven wrong, as I hope you are too.