Debunking the Flat Earth - CASE CLOSED

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Debunking the Flat Earth - CASE CLOSED
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Luke 22:35-38

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Re: Debunking the Flat Earth - CASE CLOSED
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There's already another thread on it but I don't think any FEs taken the bait.
The Bible doesn't support a flat earth.

Scripture, facts, science, stats, and logic is how I argue.



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Re: Debunking the Flat Earth - CASE CLOSED
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I think most have seen it. Some (like me) don't go for the language and the FEers have "explanations" for some of it, "excuses" for some and hypothetical ramblings to "do away" with the rest.

For example Eratosthenes assumed that the earth was a sphere[1] when he "measured the earth's circumference. Using his figures on a Flat Earth gives the Sun's height instead at about 3,000 miles. Mind you if you do a similar experiment for different baselines you get very different answers!

There's nothing in it that FEers can't explain away with some unnatural perspective, magical atmosopheric magnification, some sort of strange bending of light so that a sunrise (in the Southern Hemisphere) that is clearly observed (with my own pair of very Zetetic Mk II eyeballs) to be in the South East actually comes from a Sun that (in the FE model) is quite clearly in the North East. And they complain when I call it  ::) bendy light!  ::)

No they've seen it all before and FEers are not ones to let a few facts get in the way of a neat story!

[1]  Well, he wouldn't he, the Globe was pretty well "de rigueur" back around 200BC as the FE "deity" Samuel Birley Rowbotham had not yet come on the scene to write the Sacred Texts.



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Re: Debunking the Flat Earth - CASE CLOSED
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The case was shut centuries ago. FErs have just been trying to pry it open with their idiocity.
Heiwa on the impossibility of space travel:

There are no toilets up there and sex is also a problem, just to mention a few difficulties.