The flat Earther Challenge. Prove you believe the Earth is flat

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It is possible some people do believe the world is flat and I would like to offer some kind of incentive for these flat Earthers to learn about the world *if* I can really believe they do believe the World is flat *and* it can be shown they believed the world was flat before the idea of this challenge was published.  I first mentioned this challenge a few hours ago. 

So at this stage I am inviting proposals as to how this could be worked out.

Another method would be to have a bet of say USD10,000 to be paid to a flat earther if the World was shown to be flat, and an amount of USD5 to be paid by the flat earther when they realised the World was round.   If that was set up via a trust fund like lawyers use and there was an independant observer it might work out and would provide a small reward for the round earthers educational efforts.

Obviously there are going to be challenges and enforcement difficulties here but I am wondering if anybody here has some bright ideas or has thought about it before.
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Re: The flat Earther Challenge. Prove you believe the Earth is flat
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You're a noob here. There are true believers here, lurk more.
God is real.