If Universal Acceleration is real instead of gravity...

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If Universal Acceleration is real instead of gravity...
« on: April 23, 2015, 08:47:01 PM »
q:How do parachutes work?

If the earth is accelerating upwards and they skydiver is not falling. then the earth would get to the skydiver just as fast whether a parachute was used or not.

If air is pushed up due to UA and is actually pushing the skydiver up, then a free base jumper should be feeling that constant never ending upward rush of air before they even jump , right ? If i am on a tall bridge and my friend jumps with a parachute if there is upward wind to slow his "fall" I would have to feel it on the bridge right

Hell standing on the ground the parachute should catch the upward force, and at least keep the fabric up in the air.

Q2: why do balloons "fall" slower?

if i drop a ballon and a rock off a bridge the earth does not rush up to both at the same speed.  If there is gravity the balloon is falling and slowed by air resistance, but if the earth is moving up at a constant speed, and the balloon and rock are not moving how does the earth not get to both at the same time?
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Re: If Universal Acceleration is real instead of gravity...
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Your questions are asked many times.

The air is pushed with the disc and the parachute (or balloon) is pushed with the air. Universal Acceleration works like gravity (please google "Equivalence principle").