Round earth theory hoist by own petard

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Re: Round earth theory hoist by own petard
« Reply #30 on: May 13, 2015, 06:20:21 AM »
Actually the accepted version is called "Denpressure" it's where density causes objects such as the Earth to float in aether. IT WAS PROVEN BY ARCHIMEDES FOR FUCKS SAKE.

What do you understand by the word density?

People like you!

I had a pretty strong feeling you didn't know,  so let me explain.    density  =  mass / volume.   

If you are in a gravitational field,  then  mass has weight.   That's what causes things to fall.    This is what Newton discovered in the 1600's 

Some flat earth groups realized long ago the stupidity of the denpressure argument,  and proposed universal acceleration instead to explain why things fall. 
That's a better guess, but still wrong.

Ok,  since you probably didn't understand any of that,  you can resume the insults.

Okay, mr. sarcasm, such mass can be explained by a universally accelarating universe. Check mate.

So, you are just confirming that you don't actually know the difference between mass and weight.   

Homework question for you.  Where does mass come from?

Mass is caused by things oscillating in the aether.

You amaze me, that's almost right.   The currently accepted answer is that the Higgs field provides particles with mass.   The aether doesn't exist, but the Higgs field does.

So take a step back,  where does weight come from.
Could it be..... Mass being accelerated?
*Insert random drivel here*

I don't profess to be correct.
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I am correct.