Atheism = arrogance

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Re: Atheism = arrogance
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Many atheists as well as religious people feel superior to others as well as to animals as they believe to have something others don't have.
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Re: Atheism = arrogance
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Atheism is a threat to the stability of a State.
Sorry; absolute rubbish.  Religious zealotry is the greatest threat of all to any state.  And that's why in a truly democratic state, religion and government are continuously and vigorously separated.

If placed in a position of power, it causes death in the untold millions.
Again; absolute rubbish.  No citation = no valid conclusion.

If placed in any position of influence, it wreaks havoc with morals.
Only if one is still living by a 16th century moral code LOL.

In Sweden you have two-thirds of parents cohabiting without benefit of marriage. Yes, this is immoral.
It's only purportedly "immoral" to religious apologists.  Or to people of my great-grand parents' generation.

Children should not be born as bastards. Ergo, for this and many other reasons, Atheism should be proscribed.
I truly hope that you're simply taking the piss here to get a rise out of me and other atheists Yaakov?  Judging by the content of your many other well-considered comments, I hope this to be so.