Proving the flat earth with photography

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Re: Proving the flat earth with photography
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It's funny because they say satellites don't exist, yet they have no proof for it. They just think: "Satellites are usually launched by NASA, which is a group of satanists and liars."

Virtually every claim that the flat earthers make about the planet and the cosmos are totally unsupported by any empirical evidence.  You'll note that they never cite any scientific references that even suggest their claims might be true.

The only "references" they quote are invariably to YouTube videos posted by other flat earthersówhich is ultimately a circular argument.  As in "the earth must be flat because these other flat earthers say it is, so I've obviously proved my argument".  They're still unable to name any scientists who accept that the earth is flatódespite being asked this simple task numerous times.

They also can't even post an accurate model of their flat earth because they all have different ideas  about how it would look LOL.

And the only maps they repeatedly post are simply variations of an equidistant azimuthal projection of the spherical earth.  Although that irony seems to be lost on most of them.  (It looks like the UN logo.)